Stopping Gabapentin

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Stopping Gabapentin

Post by XWelcome »

Has anyone had severe RLS after getting off of Gabapentin or Horizant. If so what did they do?

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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by ViewsAskew »

How long did you take gapapentin, XWelcome? It could be that your RLS simply worsened over time.

I cannot recall if there is any known issue regarding stopping gabapentin - I am relatively tired, so may not be remembering, though.
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Managing Your RLS

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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by Polar Bear »

Possibily the Gabapentin was helping to control your RLS symptoms. When you came off the Gabapentin you lowered/stopped a medication that was helping your RLS symptoms.
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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by stjohnh »

Likely your RLS was controlled mostly by the Keppra with some boost from the gabapentin. Anticonvulsants can help control RLS symptoms, but experience is limited. Several uses of this forum have had quite good results with some anticonvulsants, but they are people with severe RLS and usually have been tried on the usual meds without good results.

The most common treatment RLS patients receive is a dopamine agonist (Requip, pramipexole, Neupro). When their symptoms worsen, gabapentin (or Lyrica/Horizant) is added or tried alone. After that, if IV iron doesn't help, opioids are used.

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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by QyX »

Why not just take Gabapentin / Horizant again when it worked well for RLS?

Why did you get off it in the first place? Where the drugs prescribed for RLS or some other condition?

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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by leggo_my_legs »

Yes, all kinds of crazy withdrawals from gabapentin. Withdrawals can be (are?) paradoxical. Whatever effect you were getting relief from with the medication, can worsen and become severe in withdrawal.

I kept going off it. Very slowly, at a crawl. Microtapering.

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Re: Stopping Gabapentin

Post by badnights »

Wbhen I stopped gabapentin, I had terrible, terrible bad WED/RLS. But I stopped codeine at the same time. I was convinced it was the gabapentin that I felt, because I tapered the codeine a bit, also because I had some low doses of oxycodone which also would have helped if it was opioid withdrawal, and finally because I felt no nausea at all, which I would have expected from an opioid withdrawal; but of course since I basically stopped both meds at the same time, I'll never be able to say which one caused the worsened symptoms. I remain fairly certain it was the result of stopping gabapentin abruptly. But I was a basketcase at the time. Maybe it was the result of stopping codeine.
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