Cyclobenzaprine Flexeril

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Cyclobenzaprine Flexeril

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Long story short... Dr never has treated RLS patient. Thanks to the wonderful people here I had a good source of information to base my questions. Conceeded that she would have problems following the Mayo algorithm but she would not be opposed to working with a neurologist.

So she didn't want to start any treatment, gave me a 10 day script for Flexeril... made the appt with Neurologist Sept 20th... hahahaha

I gave her a list of specialist in Kansas, while this man is not among them, he does work closely with the Mayo Clinic. From my experience with his treating my father, I feel he is very competent. My intentions are to call and ask about his approach and treatment, whether he would prefer to recommend someone whose practice may be more closely related to RLS, etc.

And if I can be placed on a call list!

Question will Flereril cause problems????????????

Thanks, Hazel

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Sorry about double post

Post by ksxroads »

sorry about double post

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HI Hazel

Post by becat »

Well Hazel,
At least she was honest with you. That is cool. About the Neuro, If your happy with him go for it. It's hard enough to find a doc that you can work easily with with RLS.
Flexeril was one of the first things my GP gave me in hopes that my muscles would just relax. I'm sure it's a good product and if I were you I'd try it until you can get in with the Neuro.
For me, it didn't do much, but honestly I think I was in too deep with the whole RLS thing by the time I try it. So no problems here, just little benefit.
It may offer you some good benefits for bedtime, to relax and that sort of thing.
Don't judge it by me, but please let us know if it helps.
Hugs to all

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Post by ViewsAskew »

Ditto what she said 8) . No problems, no help, might as well try. And bully for her for being honest with you. Too bad so many doctors are afraid of trating this - I've heard that one myself.


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Post by ksxroads »

Can't even remember posting info! How's that for sleep deprivation...

Flex didn't help couldn't even tell I had taken it and symptoms are worse or I am just that exhausted and can't fight it anymore, can't go with the flow either.

Myhead continually feels like it is going to explode.

Blood pressure was high at Drs visit yesterday she had the nurse take it three times before I left... always around 180/90 with heart rate around 104, finally when heart rate was 94 they said I could leave.

didn't think too much about it till last night during the height of my painful experience I couldn't even get a reading this morning it was 180's over 90's till around 11 when it dropped to 135/77 heart rate still upper 90s to low 100s.


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Post by Butterfoot »

I knew I'd find some sort of answer to the questions I've been thinking all day.

My orthopedic doctor put me on flexeril yesterday for chronic tendonitis. Late yesterday and today starting late afternoon, the back of my legs have been aching badly, and I keep feeling I have to shrug my shoulders and stretch my arms. I was wondering if Flexeril might aggravate the RLS. I'm supposed to take Permax and Sinemet at bedtime, but took it around 7pm, then again around midnight yesterday. I'm more than ready to take my first dose now at 7:30!

I read quite a few webpages for a list of side effects. It doesn't mention these, but then I'm sure they didn't use RLS sufferers in their clinical trials.

Ksxroads, one of the side effects is abnormal heartbeat, but the blood pressure side effect is shown as low. Who knows, maybe you're having an allergic reaction.

I called my Orthopedic doc this afternoon and left a msg for him to prescribe something else. I surely can't stand more aches and pains besides the ones the Flexeril doesn't seem to be relieving from my tendons.

Hope you get some relief very soon Ksxroads!!

May only good come your way.

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