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I was just diagnosed with rls on Tues., and my doctor started me on Requip .25 mg. She told me to up the dosage by 1/2 tablet every 3-4 days until I can sleep thru the night. Since taking the Requip, my sleep has been worse than ever. Last night I took 2 tablets (.50 mg), and I did not go to sleep until 3:00 AM and that was after taking Benadryl just to try and knock myself out. My legs were going nuts! Now, I'm not sure whether to try another night with two pills or stop completely and call my doctor Monday to see about something else. I think it's making things worse instead of better at this point, but I don't know if I'm just not taking a large enough dose. Anybody got any advice?
I have also had a non-epileptic seizure. It happened about 3 months ago before I was even diagnosed though it could definitely be part of rls--I'm not sure. CT, EEG, and MRI were all normal. After reading a few posts, I am afraid the REQUIP may cause another seizure. But maybe I'm just being paranoid. I still have tremors in my hands and arms and many times my neck is stiff. I just don't want to keep increasing the dosage on a medication that may not be helping me anyway. I'm just not sure if I'm giving it enough time or not.



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Hi, i just had to quit the Requip because it I think it severly worsened my symptoms. This is the second D2 antagonist I have tried and neither have helped. These medicines have to be tapered off you cant just quit all at once.I have hand tremor as well, what has your doctor had to say about that.

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Brittbray--Re Requip

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Hi Brittbray, this is Jan

I don't know anything about Requip. I take Mirapex. But I do know that you should not take Benadryl. It exacerbates RLS. I know that for a fact because it has happened to me. There is a site that would be helpful to you. It has a medical alert card that you can download that lists medication that you can and cannot take if you have RLS. The site is I has a lot of other helpful information on it, too, but I carry this card with me, due to the fact that I had surgery recently and I had a problem during the pre-op stage with the medication they gave me to calm me down. It made my legs go crazy!!! It's amazing what we should not take! I had no idea and I've had RLS for 20 years!! Just thought you'd like to know. By the way, welcome to our "family". Sorry you have RLS, but we're all here to help. By the way, we'd like you to fill out a bio (you can see where it is listed by looking at my tag at the end of this post) if you would, please. We're trying to gather as much information as we can so that the members who are going to the national meeting in California this fall can take as much "ammunitation" with them as possible to present to what medical pesonnel who will be present at the meeting. We have to be our own advocates to fight this thing called RLS!!! As I said, there are a lot of wonderful people on this site--some who have tremendous knowledge of medicines, some with tremendous research skills, and some very good listeners with broad shoulders and good ears who will listen and who really care when you've had a bad day or just plain don't feel good!! You've found a home!

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