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Side effects

Post by steve »

Neurontin, Lyrica(taken with Requip)

Pain in Quadriceps

Sleepiness, slowed thinking

worse nervousness after it wears off(but helped me sleep)

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Post by tazzer »

the requip and mirapex gave me what i call "wizard of oz" type dreams weird and in techno color. lol

I feel like a science project!!!

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side effects of mirapex, requip, klonapin, SSRI for me

Post by mvtews »

mirapex, 2mg at night for 16 months now, insomnia, weight gain, eat at night, constant constipation,

requip, took for 4 months, severe bloating of large and small intestines, pain with bloating, huge belly, gas, burping 2 to 8 times per minute when awake, RLS may or may not have been affected the side effects overwhelmed me

klonapin 2mg at night for 8 years now. Dr reduced the dosage ramping down very slowly over 12 months to 0.5 mg but my RLS became continuous day and night. may try to reduce to zero again starting with Dr visit tomorrow. i think it makes me sleepy in the day, but i am always sleepy, always napping every day after work and on the weekends

SSRI, Fluvoxamine, Luvox generic, 350mg per day, 9 years. this may have been the cause of RLS for me. but the depression that this Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor removed was vital. i will discuss with neurologist [movement disorder specialty] tomorrow about my medications being the cause then others being necessary etc.

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Post by becat »

#1 lab rat for my doctor I'm sure and this time it went badly, not just "ugh that didn't work", but omgosh so badly.

For the sedation effect for sleeping: Trazodone at 25 mg and was suppose to be up to 50 mg (smallest dose available) by now. I can't do it.
I have been on it for almost 3 weeks now.
I am now the proud owner of major Depression, crying fits for no reason, unwanted, unneeded thoughts of running away, not not suicidial, never have been thankfully, but I want to run away. Hostialy for no reason and comes from no where.

I called the pharmacy today and ask to make sure, but I am not taking this crap one more time.
I have been depressed in my life, but for all the right reasons.
The loss of a friend, loved one, a relationship........blah blah blah, but this is nothing I have never experienced in my life.
I understand medical depression and I do know the difference now.
I only hope I didn't screw something up and change myself for sleep, this has to wear off right? Has to, there is no hole to hide in until it does.
Never again.


Post by cornelia »

Hi Becat,

the same thing happened to me while trying Wellbutrin, but not with Trazodone. The crying spells while on Wellbutrin were awful and happened almost every hour. I stopped and I lived happily ever after (LOL).


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Post by becat »

Thank You Corrie,
OMGosh I can't even imagen living like this. I guess my fear is that it will have changed something. I'm crossing my fingers that like you, when it's out of my system, I will be the old me again.
But thank you for telling, honey. that is a gift.
Love and hugs

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Post by ViewsAskew »

The Mirapex did it to me - walking down the street and crying for NO reason, getting angry over little things and yelling, etc. Very weird. Like Corrie, it lifted as soon as the drug was out of my system. Like you, Lynne, never again. The medically induced depression was sooooo weird like I was watching my body and mind do and feel things that weren't really me. I felt like I was watching a movie of someone else.

I am glad you are stopping it. I hope it's out of your system soon.
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Post by vinton »

Been at 0.125 for 5 days.
up to 0.25 for the past 5 days.

Sleep well and no more leg problems BUT:

my head feels like it weights 3x.
hot flashes
I have trouble to urinate. No power in the one eye snake lol.
Feel like my emotions are frozen.
I dream weird stuff.
This morning went to the store and parked my car on a side street. When I came out did not remember where it was.Had to check 2 side streets before I got to it. Scared the heck out of me.

Going down to 0.125 to night for 2 days then off it goes.

Prefer insomnia that that.
Had multiple sclerosis for 35 years +

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Post by Sojourner »

It's hard for me to describe my response to requip here just as it was for me to describe it to two of the psychiatrists at the outpatient clinic. Basically it involved dreamlike episodes where I experienced/perceived an extremely loud noise in my head which was accompanied by feelings of intense anxiety and physical sensations, teeth grinding, and brief uncontrolled body movement (but apparently not a seizure) during which, one night, I actually injured my hand. Also, several consecutive nights of undescribable violent, vivid, and seemingly real night terrors--the effects of which finally spilled over into the daytime and pushed me to the brink of a nervous breakdown or worse. These diminshed quickly upon stopping the requip but significant anxiety and panic attacks caused by the experience lasted several months and linger on to this day--almost like a post traumatic syndrome effect.

I know others have reported nightmares as a side effect of requip. I know some sites such as list "abnormal dreaming" as a rare side effect. In essence that is what I think I experienced but in a very dramatic and distrubing fashion.

I debated posting this so if it is modified or deleted I will understand.



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Post by Aiken »


With normal use:

- increased startle response - electric shock through skin at loud sounds
- rarely nausea, but usually only if I forget to eat something
- sweet tooth - dunno why - I otherwise prefer salty snacks

Only if doses overlap or build up too much, which is obviously to be avoided anyway:

- drowsiness
- mild respiratory depression
- rarely an odd sort of bouncing/vibrating sensation, which is not real
- rarely a mild urge to clench teeth, accompanied (or caused) by pressure sensation in sinuses / behind eyes

I hardly ever get stuff from the second set, but it does happen occasionally, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Disclaimer: I often talk about what I do and what works for me, but these are specific to me and you should always consult a healthcare professional before trying these things yourself, lest you endanger your health or life.
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Post by brandy »

Last night at around midnight, I had my first every seizure. Luckily I was with my boyfriend and he thought fast, called 911, put me on my side while I vomited and we waited for the ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital. I regained some of my consciousness in the ambulance and was told I had had a seizure. At the hospital they ran a number of tests which came out normal. The cause of my seizure? Ultram. Ultram lowers the seizure threshold and having been on it for some time, apparently the time was right for me. I was taken immediately off of the Ultram and I have to see my family doctor and get an EEG to make finally sure that everything is okay. I will have to find another drug to help with the RLS. I was never told this was a possibility with Ultram and I wanted to make sure that everyone on Ultram was aware of this possibility. The chance of seizure increases as the dose increases, so take only exactly what you are prescribed. I am okay now. I've been pretty weak and shaky all day and am fairly exhausted, but I am in good hands with the greatest guy in the world. The bad thing is that I can't drive until I've gotten the EEG, so I am homebound. My college roommate is coming in from out of town and things will not be as clean as I would hope and I will not have all of the groceries, etc, that I need, but I'm trying to focus on what's important. I'm okay, BF is okay, I'm going to get to be with my friend and I am very blessed. If you are on Ultram, please take care.
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Post by jeffkauf »

I have been taking Requip for 8 weeks. Started with .25 and for the last 6 weeks I'm at 1mg. I must say, I am very pleased overall with the cessation of my leg cramps, which I suffered with for the past several years. I am having some augmentation problems. I went to my eye doctor today with a complaint of eye fatigue and some slight peripheral vision problems. Turns out I have nystagmus, which is a condition marked by uncontrollable eye movements. With me it is very slight but noticeable, especially when driving. Not enough to be dangerous, but enough where I wouldn't drive for more than 1 hour at a time at this point. So, here is a new side effect NYSTAGMUS. Never saw this particular problem noted by anyone. Anyone else? This problem is unquestionably as a result of the Requip. Nothing much can be done to alleviate this problem except to modify my Requip dosage.

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side effects: add yours to create a complete list

Post by ctravel12 »

Hi Jeff and welcome to this group. I used to take Requip but did not agree with me; however I never encountered the problem with the eyes. I am glad that you did go to your dr and find out what is wrong.

I am sure other members will post and give you some good advise.

Good luck to you and please keep us informed on how you are doing.
Taking one day at a time

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Post by becat »

Hi Jeff, Welcome.
I can't say anyhting, but WOW, this stuff gets more interesting everytime I read something like yours. God Bless you.
Sorry you had the need to find us, but we're glad your here now.

Brandy my dear OMgosh! :shock:. I have no idea what to say, except Thank God your ok. Even more, Thank God the BF was there. You poor thing.
Yes, a seizures just exhaust the body and brain. I'm so glad your being watched after this. I know it's a bummer to not drive, but honey we need our Brandy. Ty, nuff said there! :D
I wondered why you were on my mind. I am glad to know that my BF question is answered. He does sound like a man who knows what he's got in you. Something special!

My love and hugs to all

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so many drugs, so little time...

Post by doety »

This is a wonderful thread. I had forgotten how many, many drugs I've tried. I couldn't list them all, but do remember some of the biggies.

Sinemet was the worst -- with augmentation that made me suicidal.

Nerontin didn't work at all.

Klonopine -- still take it. Tried to get off it and I simply can't go through that.

Requip. made me sick at my stomach, didn't work.

Vicodin -- kept me up all night although I loved the way I felt! I discovered this after hip replacement surgery. I figured maybe it was good for rehab to walk around with my walker all night long. Whew.

Mirapex: I knew right away how powerful it was, bad headaches. But then it was like a miracle, until it wasn't. The daily augmentation seemed to sneak up on me and I didn't understand it until I got on these boards and read what everyone said. In the middle of all this, I quit my job; I was such a wreck and felt like I couldn't work. I finally got off this about a 1 1/2 months ago (and I lost 14 pounds, but didn't think to put that together, but I bet that's a reason). It was very, very hard to kick.

Pot: Still use this from time to time before bed, if I'm in pain from arthritis or whatever. I don't like to smoke, but it is super quick and always works. Don't want to go to jail, tho.

Methadone: This replaced the Mirapex. I love it, take 10 mg with a 5 mg Klonopine at night. The side effect for me is horrible constipation.

the other "drug" is exercise -- try to do it every day and I would lose my mind if I couldn't. It helps so much.

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