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Post by dar »

I developed RLS in the spring though it does run in my family. It started with the bug crawly feeling to now with painful legs which i have to move. I am dealing with gastroparesis also which is making taking meds for RLS hard to do. I also have developed Bells palsy in the last month and i am now off all prednisone. I have tried requip which destoryed my stomach, mirapex which was hard on my stomach. Sinemet was next on the list but I started getting symptons earlier and earlier. None of these drugs made it so I could sleep all night. I am also having problems with this type of drug causing depression. Does that mean too much dopamine? I am up every hour or less all night long and have the over whelming desire to get out of bed and walk around and then try and sleep again. I also keep a heating pad on my legs at night. I am now taking 1 mg klonpin at bed time and ambien usually a little later in the night but still not sleeping. The opiates are out because of my stomach problems. Any clues as to what to try. Which drugs are easier on the stomach.

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Post by becat »

Hi Dar,
You have so much going on, you poor thing. Well you came to the right place. I'm a lifer with RLS, painfully. Stomach problems shoulld be my middle name.I too struggle with the right medications.
It's almost like my stomach tells me, make a choice. RLS or your stomach, which is it going to be?
Now, I won't tell you that I have a cure for either your tummy or RLS, I don't but you might be interested in in one of my eariler post about my most wonderful find. It's a goofy sounding product, but it has done wonders with my tummy. You can choose to try it or not. I offer proof that it would work for you, just my story ar this link.

As for the RLS medications, I have been given just about every class 2 pain medication, only to itch myself silly with no pain relief. Sleep is coming slowly back to me, but I had to control the pain first. I can go to bed by 1-3 am now, where before it was a toss up. Will I see the sun rise this morning, before I've gone to bed? There are pain medications of all kinds. Acetaminophen was a big one to avoid for me, again I have a post about my choices here, toooooo. Don't give up, you'll find one. When you
control the pain you help yourself. Part of my evenings were all about the dread of what was to come. Or how my day tomorrow will happen because I haven't slept. I was on Mirapex for almost 2 years, it was an ever groing dose and I just had my fill.

There one other thing I'd like to mention to you Depression. I'm no doctor, so for me to tell you that your meds. aren't to blame. I can't.
But I will tell you that I have often thought that this is RLS HOPELESSNESS rather than depression. Now you've had too much to deal with and yes, you may be depressed.......but there is a hopelessness when you don't think there is hope of a better life. It's the constant fight without the quality of life changing. I think this better represents most life changing disorders. RLS is really a test of medications, life style changes, and our attitudes suffer greatly in this struggle. Give me hope and I'll fight it all day. This is a time you need to listen to your body and tell the doc what it's saying. Don't let this get you too down. You can make a difference in your life. It's just a matter of finding what works for you.
We're always here for you and we won't give up. I hope you come back and share your experiences with us. We're an ever growing family. We would be glad to have you.
Hope this finds you with a great day ahead.

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