stopping mirapex - need advice on tapering URGENT.....

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stopping mirapex - need advice on tapering URGENT.....

Post by vinton »

I'm taking effexor for depression caused by Multiple sclerosis ( plaques on frontal lobes) and when I went on mirapex about 2 months ago for RLS I felt much better emotionally and no more rls. For 2 weeks I'M depressed but the rls is gone. I'm scared that mirapex could cause the problem as I've never felt this way in years. Mirapex is also an anti-depressant according to research and maybe they dont get along

Anyway I want to get off to see if its the cause and would like adivice on tapering and if there are any side effetcs

Thanks so much


I read an earlier post about side effects and many complain about mood swing and mirapex.

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Vinton, you are at a low dose, right? Like .25 mg? You should be able to stop it immediately, but maybe call your doc just to make sure. From what I know, and I'm not a doc, you can stop Mirapex at once with this low dose. At the safest, if you dropped it .125 for three or four nights, then stopped it, it should be fine. But, truly, either call your pharmacist or your doc and check to make sure. Or write to Dr B - find his addy on - and ask him.

Mirapex works to increase dopamine. Effexor increase serotonin. Depression is thought to be associated with too little serotonin, so it may be that the Mirapex increases your dopamine too much, making too little seratonin available.
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