off mirapex and....

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off mirapex and....

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Got off and the first night slept well but last night was up all night and ita been 36 hours without sleep but I prefer this than the side effects from mirapex.

OK! my leg pain is back and took a foot bath and cant even put my feet in as the vibration just worsens the sentation. Is it RLS related?

Ta;ked to my daughter who is a GP and told me to get pot in pills and this will do the job.
Here in Canada is legal for medical purposes. If the piil dont work I' ll smoke one befor bed.

P.S" I think that I read on a post that after quitting mirapex, the pian comes back worse for 2-3 weeks. Is that right?

Thansk sooo much for your support.

Had multiple sclerosis for 35 years +

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