Is This augmentation?

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Is This augmentation?

Post by heattg »

I've been taking Requip (1.5 mg/day) for aproximately 18 months for a lifelong condition.

About a month ago, the Requip seemingly quit working.

The drowsy feeling, within a short time after taking it, vanished.

The leg pains, during the night forcing me out of bed for so many years, returned with a vengeance.

The leg ache and soreness, especially after the more intense nightly episodes, at first lasted a couple of days, and as of late, haven't subsided.

My doctor, a FP/GP, is quite knowlegeable about RLS. However, he admits that his knowledge, about problems, associated with the various treatment therapies, is limited. He said it sounded like, my system had become tolerant ("used to" Ok I'm a Texan) of the Requip. I left his office, after blood tests, with a Mirapex starter pack. (one dose so far, so that jury is still out)

My question is did I suffer, am I suffering from augmentation?



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Post by razorbackmatt72 »

I wish I knew the answer to that one. I've been on Mirapex for a piddly 3mos..........25mg once a day (30yrs with RLS, 35yrs old now). Worked like a charm, over the past few just started not working about every other day. Now its not working at all. I take it, like nothing at all. I didnt sleep at all night before last. After numerous calls to my neuro with no call back (next appointment not until oct 3rd) I decided to self medicate. I took my reg dosage about 2 hours earlier and then took another at my normal time of 6pm (total of .50mg). Last night worked like a charm. I think I'm gettin used to (arkie here) the pills, just not sure. I hope not. I dont think I can go back to the way it was pre-mirapex. After taking the second dose, I got the dizzy/drowsy drunk feeling again (been a while) and I feel right to sleep and even had the hangover this morning that i used to get. I have gotten very mixed reviews on augmentation, I dont know what to do or where to go next. I feel for ya, let me know how it goes. if you want to skip this mess.

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