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Prilosec OTC & Mirapex

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:34 pm
by Critter
I just discovered something that may be helpful to others, also wanted to know if others have had a similar experience. I have been on mirapex .25mg, 1 & 1/2 tab for years for rls. I also take prilosec otc daily in the morning, 20mg for reflux & gird. I recently was having alot of rls in the evenings even after taking the mirapex, seemed to be taking longer to take effect and didn't last much longer than 3am. I noticed quite a long time ago that if I took prilosec later in the day or in evening that the mirapex didn't seem to work as well. Well, I decided to stop the prilosec after reading that it may inhibit calcium absorption, which is a concern for me as I have osteopenia. Well, I have been off prilosec for several days & am amazed at how well the mirapex is working! Sleep all night & can even sit some in the evenings!! I thought all along I was experiencing augmentation or a lessening of effectiveness of the mirapex! Hope it lasts, hope it is helpful to someone else!!! PTL!

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:43 pm
by Sojourner
C, I do not take Mirapex (Neurontin) but do take 40 mg. generic prescription prilosec--for about 8 months, which I take in the am before breakfast. Was on 20 mg. for about 18 months prior to that. Can't say that I have noticed any change in my rls/plm schedule as a result. Thought I read somewhere that Calcium or maybe calcium supplements did not seem proven to help rls (thought it was in Dr. B's column). Still, I know others have reported varying degrees of success with calcium am sure that this comment was not intended to minimize a calcium deficiency as much as adding calcium supplements. I maybe a bit off target there. Of course all of this may be for naught as I do not take Mirapex--may have to check if neurontin depletes calcium absorbtion. In any event, if whatever you are doing is helping, then I say go for it.

can relate - med interaction

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:47 am
by drdonut
YEs - I take Requip and have noticed a problem with two different medications that I have tried for acid reflux/erosive digestive disorder - prilosec and prevacid. Protonix and Aciphex don't seem to bother me with Requip, but of course, my insurance doesn't want to pay for those without an occasional trial of the others. I get stomachaches and effect is not as good.


Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:11 pm
by Critter
Thanks folks, so far, so good with the absence of the Prilosec, a little heart burn that I have been treating with tums instead. Will wait another week & maybe try the Prilosec again to see if there is a relationship. Thank you for writing!

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 6:56 pm
by razorbackmatt72
Possible food and drug interactions when taking Mirapex
If Mirapex is taken with certain other drugs, the effects of either could be increased, decreased, or altered. It is especially important to check with your doctor before combining Mirapex with the following:

Carbidopa/Levodopa (Sinemet)
Sedatives and tranquilizers such as chloral hydrate, codeine products, Dalmane, Halcion, and phenobarbital
Cimetidine (Tagamet)
Diltiazem (Cardizem, Dilacor XR)
Major tranquilizers such as Compazine, Haldol, Mellaril, Navane, Prolixin, Stelazine, and Thorazine
Metoclopramide (Reglan)
Quinidine (Quinidex, Quinaglute)
Ranitidine (Zantac)
Triamterene (Dyrenium)
Verapamil (Calan, Isoptin)

Combining Mirapex with Sinemet or Larodopa sometimes triggers twitching and jerky movements. If this happens, tell your doctor. A reduction in your dose of Sinemet or Larodopa may solve the problem.