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Postby doety » Sat Sep 29, 2007 2:17 am

I am so, so sorry to hear your situation. I'm hoping by now you've gotten some relief. Would you please let us know how you are? I've thought about suicide, too -- it's a subject docs don't look at and we don't much talk about either. You just feel so helpless -- sometimes I walk around thinking what on earth was I put here for, if I can't stand still long enough to do something. But someone has already told you a most important thing: Something will change. This will pass. It will probably take lots of work (you've had so many good suggestions) and I know that you'll find something that helps.
I remember years ago when I was going through a bad spell and my doc was going to try yet another drug. He asked me if I was depressed -- I thought what a ridiculous question, how could you not be depressed? I've gotten way beyond that; haven't been depressed in years. I've changed my lifestyle so I do important things during my "good" time, and when RLS happens, I walk a lot or swim or do this strange way of cleaning the house which involves walking quickly through the house and picking up things.
Anyway -- my good wishes to you and huge hopes that you're better

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