ATTENTION: ON-LINE SURVEY (interim report)

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ATTENTION: ON-LINE SURVEY (interim report)

Postby jumpyowl » Tue Dec 28, 2004 6:11 am

Dear Our Research Project (ORP) member and every other RLS sufferer!

The on-line survey is going well, there is no deadline yet in sight. I will wait until several hundred will accumulate. AT PRESENT THE COUNT STANDS AROUND 80!

I am posting here the E-MAIL MESSAGE I send out when someone's inquires about the survey:

The preliminary survey “LIFE WITH RLS “ based on 120 completed questionnaires is now closed. The replies have been collated interpreted, and were presented at the 2nd National Meeting of the RLS Foundation by Frank J. Holly and Lynne Kaiser. The material is available to anyone who requests it (and has access to a Microsoft Powerpoint program. Please send a request to and provide your e-mail address.

Based on the experience of gathering and interpreting the preliminary survey, a new, improved survey form has been prepared and is now on-line and accessible! This new form is easier to complete, there is less of a chance in making a mistake in evaluation, privacy will be better protected, and will provide considerably more and more useful information than the original one.

Please visit:

CAVEAT! There are various safe guards built into the web page to prevent abuse and thus make the data safer and more reliable.

At the start you will have several chances to read the long introduction background on the survey or to skip it and go directly to the survey.

Once you start the survey, you will not be able to proceed to the next page unless you answer all the questions required. If you are unable to proceed, scroll through the section again and see whether there is a red lettered warning reminding you to answer the omitted queries. (It can happen rarely that one cannot select any of the choices offered for one particular question and so cannot proceed. In that case, just pick any one of the choices and explain at the end [REMARK section] that that particular choice is invalid and why).

You can always go back and check or correct your answers. However, once you press the submit button, the survey disappears and you will not be able to complete another one and submit it again. This is done so to prevent abuse.

Again, anyone who participates in this survey will receive the final results. As new questions come up in connection with RLS in the future, another survey will be prepared which will be a continuation of this one. Only those who completed the first on-line survey will be able to participate in the second one.

The idea behind this serial survey is to keep up with progress in the field and provide useful information to health care-takers, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies thereby aid progress. Each Addendum will be prepared and placed on-line as the need for new information accumulates.


Dr. Holly (JumpyOwl)
Jumpy Owl

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