Finding a good doc

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Finding a good doc

Post by pedrime »

Hello everyone...

I have an appt with a Cleve Clinic RLS specialist/neurologist next month. I am truly hoping he is understanding and patient, which you all know is necessary in treating this condition.

I am one of those patients who seems 'resistant' to everything. Went thru benzos, opiates, Mirapex, Neurontin. They all work for a week/month/several months, then don't. Currently I'm rotating Ben Gay patches, Thermacare, Ace bandages, etc. Will experiment with pneumatic compressors if the doc gives me a script.

After all the rambling my question is, do any of you have docs who really partner with you and realize this is chronic/dynamic condition that won't just be resolved with Requip and one visit?


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Post by Polar Bear »

Hi Meg, yes my gp is good at cooperating. He admits he doesn't know a lot about rls but he will take heed of the Mayo Algorithm and responses that I have received and printed out from Dr. B.
I hope you are as fortunate with your visit next month.


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Post by Sojourner »

I have also had relatively good luck with my provider...even though he once asked me "why I was being so stubborn" regarding some of his recommendations. He was able to understand my reluctance and "go along" with what direction I wanted to try. My presenting info to him regarding Neurontin dosages with respect to rls/plm (gained from this forum) was considered and accepted by him and has resulted in about a years of somewhat good success in controlling these symptoms. I think it also helped other of his patients. Soooo, yes I'm sure there are many good providers out there willing to work "with" you. And, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. As has been mentioned frequently here, your best defense or offense is being armed with as much knowledge and "hutspa" (spelling?) as you can muster.

I think it is easy to be overwhelmed at "specialty" clinics and even in the local dr. office. If you can, jot down a list of your most important questions and concerns and do try to get them across during your appointment. Perhaps mail them ahead of time as part of records which might be sent. Have a significant other there with you if that is possible. I am sure you will have a successful visit. Best of luck.

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