Tramadol and taste

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Tramadol and taste

Post by Pairodocs »

Has anyone ever had long term aftertaste from Tramadol? I've been using it since February for back pain during the day with hydrocodone at night, which helps both the rls and OA pain. I'm taking 3 doses of 100 mg, although the pain management doctor said I could take up to 400 mg in a day. The last two weeks everything I eat tastes like Tramadol, even strawberries and ice cream! I've stopped using it for the last 3 days and doubled up on the hydrocodone when I couldn't stand it anymore, but I still taste the blasted stuff. I don't see anything online about it affecting your taste. I'm going in for a 3 level fusion in 10 days and will be switched to higher level pain medication, and I hope the Tramadol taste is gone then.

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Post by ed2008 »

sorry, haven't had a patient report it, nor anything found in package literature. sorry this is a problem. I would think the taste problem would clear in 3-5 days (given the half life of tramadol)

good luck


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Post by Aiken »

I used to take 100-200mg a day, and I never experienced that.

Once, though, while on a high dose of Aleve, I did get a metallic taste that eventually turned into something horrible called, "burning tongue," but that was before I took Tramadol. It took several weeks to clear up.

On the other hand, I now take hydrocodone, like you, and sometimes I get a funny taste in my mouth. Not sure how to describe it. Kind of savory, with a touch of metallic. Tends to come and go. Not horrible like the burning mouth, though, just a little odd. I think it has something to do with the dry mouth you get on opioids. Maybe you have two trees and you're barking up the wrong one?
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Post by Sojourner »

Also took tramadol for about a year or so with no aftertaste.

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Post by Neco »

I don't think I ever really experienced an aftertaste with tramadol, but the pills themselves had sort of an odd taste that lingered more in my throat for a bit than anywhere..

Likely no strange tastes with hydrocodone, although when it was setting in I could usually tell because I my sense of smell became altered for a bit, with this kind of sweet and warm smell.. It was pretty neat, heh..

Sorry you're having a bad time with the taste.. I remember I almost wanted to gag sometimes when taking tramadol.

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