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Post by pedrime »

Hi all-

Has anyone taken this/ know whether it aggravates RLS? Considering an antibiotic recently threw my legs into a tizzy, I'm hesitant to try any new med without checking here first.

Thanks for your time!


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Post by ViewsAskew »

Meg - this is a way out there idea...

Recently there have been articles linking gut issues to RLS for some people. I'd need to re-read the articles, but I seem to remember something about IBS and RLS and doing something that made the RLS go away.

What if you have this and the antibiotics through your stomach out of whack even more (in terms of the flora that are supposed to live there) and this makes the RLS worse???

It's a crazy idea and probably fraught with problems, but it just came to me and I though I'd throw it out.
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Post by Neco »

Regarding antibiotics and RLS, my personal experience and subsequent reading reflected that generally the antibiotics improve IBS for a short period and then it returns. But I wouldn't say it came back worse than before in my case.

I haven't personally read anything claiming the opposite however. Relating to digestive organisms it is also theorized that an overpopulation can be causing the IBS in the first place, and the round of anti-biotics killing them off is actually what improves it temporarily.

I never had issues with metronidazole making my RLS worse, however at that I time I also had access to liberal amounts of Vicodin and was at that point over medicating anyway.. So I can't say 100% it wouldn't have bothered me.

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Post by pedrime »

Thanks for the insight. My 6 yr old son had c-diff over the summer so I definitely know more than I ever wanted to about guts & bacteria! Geez, I hope he doesn't get RLS as a consequence--every now and then he jokes that he has it--but maybe he is serious. I'm glad you both posted this-- I should probe him about it.

Actually I think I confused the matter about myself. Not currently taking antibiotics, but took something early in the summer for a sinus infection that made my legs nuts...I posted an FYI about it and don't even remember the name. Never knew that could happen with an antibiotic.

Anyway Vesicare for bladder the size of a shotglass issue. Sorry if TMI :oops: But this is the place for embarrassing questions!

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Post by slee »

I took medication for the same problem. I don't remember what it was, but it was different than what you were prescribed. It drove my legs crazy. I went off it after a week, I would rather have the bladder issue than my legs running around without my permission. I since then have read somewhere, can't recall where exactly, that most meds given to treat the bladder issue will cause you problems because they work like an antihistamine. Maybe your med will work better. Good luck!

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Post by pedrime »

Thanks for the info!

I swore I'd read something like that. I agree; I'd rather suffer thru about anything than worsened RLS.

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