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Post by Momo »

i augmented on Miripex. it was terrible. I need to be consoled. I am feeling depressed. This sucks.

Can you feel my optimism?

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Post by ViewsAskew »

<feel me rubbing your back>

It really blows, Momo. I am so sorry. I wish I knew why it happened. Some doctors think it's related to low ferritin, but if I remember, yours wasn't low. So, I'm not sure that's completely true.

At any rate, back to the drawing board, huh?

Did you at least get a few months of relief????? I hope so.

What's the doc's plan?
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Post by Neco »

That sucks... I hope you don't end up on opiates.. Being so young it would probably be a hurtle to even get them considered. How many meds have you gone through now?

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Post by Sojourner »

Yeah M it sux. But as others have alluded to... is there another plan on the table. If there is then that is the good news. If not then please don't let the current situation get you down to long and get back on the bandwagon with you doc to get another plan going soon. Again, loads of best wishes and get well soons! M.
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Post by Polar Bear »

Hi Momo, good luck
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Post by HeatherB »

It happens now and then. Things will get better soon!

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Post by FidgetBoy »

Momo-- before you get too depressed-- there are other options to try. I actually was treated with just 300 mg of neurontin every night for 3 years before my RLS worsened and it worked great. (And I had no augmentation) It doesn't work for everyone but it's an option...

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Post by Aiken »

Ah, sorry Momo. It won't help you for the moment, but now at least you've done some of the due diligence that's needed for your doctor to feel comfortable trying other solutions. You two will figure out what works for you eventually, I'm sure. Just keep trying.

(Sorry, I'm a boy... not good at consoling.)
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