Methadone with Vicodin for Tooth Extraction??

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Here is something I am an expert on. As someone who has had sever tooth pain and two emergency root canals (one over Christmas, couldn't get an appt for a week), pain killers didn't do much for the throbbing ache that was my jaw. What did help? A $4 tube of Ambesol or Oragel.

While at the drugstore waiting to get my Tylenol 3 with codeine prescription filled and browsing around I found and bought a tube of this. Rubbed a little dab of that on the swollen area and got more relief than from the Tylenol.

It was all of no use I eventually lost those teeth and now have two implants that replace 3 teeth. The dentist prescribed Vicodin for me, but I didn't even bother getting it filled. Just extra strength Tylenol worked just fine (the implants were just sore, not throbbing, much easier to take)

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