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I just looked up the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage. One thing really stuck out... "changes in the skin, hair, and nails".

I am going to call my internist on Monday. I have been complaining about the leg cramps for years. Not one doctor I've been to has had an answer for them. They don't know what they're from and have no answer. I had them before I had RLS symptoms...long before.


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I also have leg cramps. at time really bad charlie horse type cramps, and they hurt so bad!!! I learned from others that taking Calicum and mag vits will help those, if I wake with charlie horses in legs and sometimes they hit both legs and that is HORRID!!! I get up and take a couple calcicum and mag, vit tables and it a short time my muscles relax and I can get back to sleep. Well worth a try!!!!

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Changes to hair, nail, and skin....

Dale, do you have any other physical things going on? You mentioned depression, which can be caused by nutrient deficiency. Hair, skin, and nail problems can also be nutrient deficiency. As can RLS.

In the past few months, we've had two or three people post about their RLS and an eventual diagnosis with celiac disease. I know that not all of us here have celiac, but since 1 in 100 of us in the US have it and 97% of those are undiagnosed, and since untreated celiac can cause many neurological symptoms....well, it's worth bringing up every once in awhile.

Neuropathy, headaches, tooth enamel problems, intestinal issues, anemia, B12 deficiency, nail ridges, skin patches that are red and scaly, are among the over 200 symptoms of celiac. It's so hard to diagnose because there is NO one thing that all celiacs present the same. One can be thin, the next overwieght. One can have all intestinal issues, the next none, but instead all neurological symptoms. Etc.

It's hard to convince a doctor to give a blood test if you don't have a relative with it or what the doctor considers the common symptoms (even though there aren't really many common symptoms, it used to be thought that weight loss and bowel issues were thought to be common, so doctors sometimes still believe that). But, in case you have a good internist or doctor who is willing to think outside the box, you might want to bring this up.
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