Metforminand RLS?

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Metforminand RLS?

Post by somerstown »

My wife has had RLS for several years, and despite the GP trying to help, nothing so far has. We were working out that the RLS started about the same time she was diagnosed as Diabetic and put on Metformin. Has anyone noticed if this causes or makes RLS worse please?
Just clutching at straws here! She has tried various medication and change of diet.

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Post by Neco »

I'm not really sure and haven't heard anything personally.. But I think diabetics may have a harder time with RLS.. or at least that's the vibe from the few conversations I've read somewhere around here..

Some people also find that artificial sweeteners also can make their RLS worse, but that's largely anecdotal and I don't think there has been a study about it.

The only way to know if it is making it worse, is to stop the medication. However if she still needs a medication in the same family as Metformin, then there is a chance the new medication will just continue the problem. It's very tricky.

What meds has she tried? Make sure and check out the Mayo Algorithm, in my signature. Your doctor may benefit from seeing it as well, so you should read it and also get your doctor to read it. They have many recommendations for treating RLS, what to do if certain meds are not working, and where to go from there.

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Post by ViewsAskew »

Like Zach, I haven't heard anything about metaformin being involved in RLS.

However, some people have had problems with sugar and RLS. Not all of us by far, but a large minority have posted over time that sugar intake bothers RLS. It could be simply coincidence, too.

Sorry about the RLS. Hope she finds some relief.
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Post by mackjergens »

I have had rls almost all my life. 2 yrs ago I discovered that I was diabetic and I take 1000 mgs of Metformin twice a day. Every morning and every night. I have not noticed any increase in my rls due to Metformin

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