Requip + Neurontin

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Requip + Neurontin

Postby oaklander » Thu Feb 10, 2005 7:30 am

I have tried Requip twice, and both times experienced whole-body pains. I had the pains before Requip, but they got very bad when I was on Requip. I was taking about 1-1/2 mg Requip a day. So, doc took a CRP test ("CRP" test, tests inflammation) and I was off the charts, and she and my neuro thought it might be due to Requip. No one has been able to figure it out. As a test, I switched to Sinemet, and the pains virtually subsided, but RLS was worse (aargh...). So I went back on Requip for RLS, and the pains returned, naturally. My neuro thinks I might be one of a small percentage of people who experience pains using this drug; but I'm very sensitive to all meds, so no big surprise I guess. To combat the pains, tonight I took Neurontin (900 mg.) instead of Requip, but my legs went nuts when I tried to to to sleep, so I just got up and took .75 mg. Requip. So now I'm on both Neurontin and Requip. I really hope this works! Has anyone else out there had success with these two drugs together? Also, has anyone else experienced pains with Requip?


requip and neurotin

Postby gsesock1 » Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:14 pm

I haven't taken Requip but I do take a similiar drug - Mirapex. Mirapex alone did not control my RLS and PLMD so they added neurotin. The mirapex and neurotin in combo has worked great for me. I had taken 2400mg of Nerotin alone and it didn't help but in combo with the MIrapex, I only have to take 300mg of the neurotin. So, hopefully the requip and neurotin combo will help you. I also add ultram when my pain gets really bad.

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Postby lyndarae » Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:51 pm

Hey All I too was taking mirapex and neurontin, I could not handel it. I had alot of side effects and it made my feet sizzle even more. I stopped the neurintin and cut way down on the mirapex 1mg at bedtime. So my coctail as of now is>>>>>> ULTRAM AS NEEDED 1MG MIRAPEX AT BEDTIME 1MG ZANAX AT BEDTIME. This seems to be working well for me at this time!!! I too am sinsative to meds and the higher doseages of these meds only made the rls worse. Good luck to you both, welcome to the forum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lyndarae

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