Tramadol - Anyone have successful long treatment?

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Tramadol - Anyone have successful long treatment?

Postby pjmccoy1 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:32 pm

Anyone have successful long RLS treatment with Tramadol? If so, how long and dosing schedule? Also, do you take Tramadol Immediate Release or extended release? Does is cause constipation issues like other opiates? I've read for some reason it's only opioid that can augment, although I don't understand this. There is a lady on RLS UK that has experienced either tolerance or augmentation after only maybe 3 months and had to increase dose? Lastly I've read some cases where people who have failed most numerous anti-depressants found Tramadol helped with their depression. Not sure the why's because I don't think it is a A/D but maybe some anti-depressant off label success??
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