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New please read

Postby Weetoo66 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:02 pm

I have been on requip for 10 year's and my recent dose is 3 my at night. But I am writhing in pain. My legs jump so hard it has pulled my muscles because of the violent jumps. I tried the clozapram and secretly no relief. I have hypo thyroidiism plus high blood pressure. Seems like when they increased my dose it increased slot of pulses, like gambling drugs etc that happened about 5 yrs ago. It's starting to reseed now but still can't believe a little pill could cause so much. Plus since I'm New what is augmentation?

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Re: New please read

Postby Polar Bear » Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:55 pm

Welcome to the discussion board.

You ask - What is augmentation.
This link will take you to a thread which discusses augmentation when taking a DA medication, requip is a DA medication.

Your dosage of 3mg is pretty high, especially if taken in one dose.

Is your doctor well versed in the treatment of RLS.
This book is wonderful, it is easy to read and can be used for discussion purposes with your doctor.
Clinical Management of Restless Legs Syndrome by Lee, Buchfuhrer, Allen and Hening. Make sure to get the second edition. These Authors are at the top of the league when it comes to the treatment of WED/RLS. It can be found on Amazon.

Also, have you had your ferritin serum level checked, this is pretty important. It is a blood test that is not normally done with routine blood works and you need to ask for it. This tells the level of iron stored in your brain – and that is what is important to us sufferers of WED/RLS. We need a level of around 100, especially if we are taking a DA drug such as pramipezole or ropinerole. When getting the results of this test please ask your doctor for the actual level = do not accept ‘normal’ as an answer. Doctors and Labs may consider 20 to be normal… but it isn’t normal for us.

I'm sorry to hear that you suffered from the impulses of taking a DA medication, very glad that it is now starting to recede.
I am also taking requip but supplement it with other medications. The book mentioned above is a very good guideline if your doctor is willing to accept such.
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