Difficulty receiving handwritten script from Johns Hopkins Sleep Center

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Difficulty receiving handwritten script from Johns Hopkins Sleep Center

Postby tea4one » Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:39 pm

Hello, I have been dealing with RLS for decades and was elated to find the care of Dr. Earley at Johns Hopkins, but at least once every 2-3mos I have difficulty receiving my renewals in a timely manner. I am beyond frustrated and have sent an email to the Patient Rep office at Hopkins weeks ago, but never received a reply. Well, this week I received a script for the wrong med. This would be understandable if it happened only once in a great while, but going without meds and having to overnight scripts has been part and parcel to my health care at Johns Hopkins for the better part of 3YRS! I now have the opportunity to pursue a full-time position with the National Parks Services that will require frequent travel, and I have little faith in this clinic to administer my script renewals in an expeditious manner. I would like to find another clinic/hospital that is a little more dependable for out of state patients like myself.
Has anyone else dealt with this problem?


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Re: Difficulty receiving handwritten script from Johns Hopkins Sleep Center

Postby ViewsAskew » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:44 pm

While my scripts are usually handled well with Dr. B's office, I have had issues. I have to be very proactive. The biggest issue I have is with them writing them correctly for my state. I've had three scripts that were unusable - and then needed to have additional ones sent.

I've been lucky in that I was able to build a small stash - so that I am not out exactly when it looks as if I am. So, if they are a few days late, I am still OK. Some of the things I do include sending an email a week prior to when I need them to be mailed, including ALL directions about how to write the script, and a reminder of the dates they should be for and for how much. Then I usually call the day they are to be sent (mine come FedEx) and verify that the pickup took place. More than once I've thought all was completed only to find out FedEx didn't show up and the office didn't do anything about it.

It sounds like this job could be wonderful for you - I hope it works out for you.
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