Neupro and chronic fatigue

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Neupro and chronic fatigue

Post by Rcure »

I've been on neupro now for 2-3 weeks. I'm exhausted all the time. I've always gotten tired when I drive but this is different,I've had to pull over in the middle of the day and take a 30 min nap or else I would pass out. I'm pretty sure this is the neupro and not from poor sleep but may be a contributing factor.

Can anyone relate to this and does this normally get better?

I've also been off caffeine since my diagnoses 1 month ago but have found I just can't function without a little pick me up. Fortunately the caffeine hasn't effected my rls to badly during the day and I won't drink caffeine at all in the evening.

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Re: Neupro and chronic fatigue

Post by sleepdancer2 »

Unusual sleepiness is listed as a "minor" side effect. I had sleep attacks on Mirapex and it altered my life. Became unsafe to drive or cook. If you are finding yourself suddenly asleep, please take it very seriously. I kept fighting the good fight until I fell sleep at the wheel. if you figure out it is indeed the med, you may have to look at another solution if it doesn't resolve.
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Re: Neupro and chronic fatigue

Post by Rustsmith »

I experienced exactly the same thing while I was augmenting on Neupro and later on high doses of pramipexole. I could drive for about 45 minutes, but then would have to pull over for a nap (mine were usually only about 15 minutes). This was quite humbling when it forced my disabled wife to have to drive most of the way when we moved 1000 miles last winter. Over 3 days I probably was able to drive for about 2 hrs.

I have gotten a lot better after switching to methadone and reducing my pramipexole dose to minimal levels.

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Re: Neupro and chronic fatigue

Post by stjohnh »

I also had that on neupro. Didn't go away until I stopped. Neupro is convenient, but I find managing side effects and rashes more difficult than mirapex. Plus it's really expensive.

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Re: Neupro and chronic fatigue

Post by lynncomb »

I feel asleep driving and I was on 800mg of Neuronton. I went over this very seriously with my doctor and he is fairly sure it was daytime sleepiness. Since I only get 3 or maybe 4 hours of sleep a day, I have severe tiredness during the day. I also have chronic fatigue, which is a real illness. And it has a whole different set of symptoms and problems. If you think you have real chronic fatigue, the CDC did a big research project and published there findings in 2012. Try not to confuse your issues, it will help you stay more centered. CFIDS, or chronic fatigue syndrome is not something you want to give yourself. I haven't driven in over 8 years, as with my degree of tiredness, I did not feel I was a safe driver.
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