Finished with Ropinirole

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Finished with Ropinirole

Postby Stainless » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:59 am

Since I went through a four month nightmare getting off clonazepam, I’ve tried gabapentin, pramipexole, sinemet, , ropinirole, ropinirole ER, kratom, Maryjane, iron, magnesium and red wine, even nothing. Even gave up caffeine. Now I’m going back on clonazepam and see if I can get back to where I was a year ago, which was not a bad place based on what I have experienced these last eight months.

I only quit because a large Canadian study that associated use of benzodiazepines with increased chance of Alzheimer’s. I thought these DAs would work but have made my whole life revolve around rls. A more recent Washington State study showed no correlation with Alzheimer’s. Neither my doctor nor specialist had much faith in studies and supported going back which surprised me. I was on clonazepam for 20 years and tolerated it very well. Good night’s sleep ten minutes after I took it and no hangover the next day. I had rls in the late afternoons, at bedtime, in cars and planes but in the daytime it usually lasted an hour or two and goes away with no medication.

I had nights of insomnia, restless legs at any hour of the day and stabbing pains in my thighs this month, none on of which I ever had on clonazepam. A year ago I never even associated rls with my thighs or worse my arms. I called my doctor and was amazed to get in the next morning. I hope to sustain on 1 mg now as I was taking 3 mg a year ago. I hope the year vacation from it helped me reset my tolerance.

I would never recommend this path to anyone. The only option seemed to be opiates which neither my wife nor doctor supported, especially in this day. This has been a crazy year and I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about benzo withdrawal and rls treatments. I reduced from 4 to 1 mg ropinirole a day and hope to be done with it soon. I understand ropinirole has a short half-life so I am hoping with ween off quickly. From what I read DA withdrawal is a week or two of intense rls.

I appreciate all the input I have got on this Forum and BenzoBuddies (I’m sure they would think I’m crazy). Benzos are nasty but at least I know how to quit if I have to again… very, very, very slowly.

I will miss how Horney the DA made me, my wife has been an angle. And I could see someone gambling away the farm on it too. I was sure I was going to win the lottery. The brain is an amazing organ. I’ll be lurking on the site for new ideas but not holding my breath. Best of Luck to all! This disease sucks. Thanks, Rick

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Re: Finished with Ropinirole

Postby ViewsAskew » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:33 am

The brain is indeed an amazing organ. And, it fascinates me how these things affect us so differently.

Hope it works for you, Rick.
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Re: Finished with Ropinirole

Postby Sojourner » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:15 am

Rick, Many here know how difficult coming off a benzo can be so congrats with that. Actually, I think being able to titrate down from 3 mg in just 4 months is remarkably good! Still, I bet it wasn't much fun. I have been on an opiate (on some level/frequency) for more than a decade. It has been extremely helpful and beneficial for me as, like many here, I have been through most other meds. I experience(d) few in any side effects and have been able to stay within the limits of the original prescription during these years. While I wish I did not have to take the opiate it is necessary and to some extent I think they may take a bad rap. In these days, I think it is more difficult and a hassle for the dr. than for me. Along those lines I have been fortunate and worry that at some point in the future the government may make it so difficult to obtain these medications that providers may no longer be willing to provide them. Well, forget what I said about the "future" as it is happening already. Best of luck getting back to "abnormal."

Wishing all who visit here some peace this night
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Re: Finished with Ropinirole

Postby Stainless » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:27 pm

Thanks for the replies. In no way did I mean opiates are not a acceptable treatment for rls but just getting a controlled substance like clonazepam is bad enough. After 20 years I had to sign a statement that I would not get another doctor to prescribe from a different pharmacy. My wife gave me the stink eye when I just mentioned opiate and she is a very reasonable person but the press has drilled their latest spin into the masses.

I quickly stopped ropinirole only taking 2 more mg in the last week. I took a fraction of a clonazepam a few times during the day to take the edge off but only 1 mg at night. The first morning I woke with every sheet and the mattress cover on the floor. Since then there is evidence of a wrestling match with myself every morning. My wife has chosen to sleep in the other room. I sleep through the night, wake up without a hangover and I feel good about getting back to "abormal".

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