Withdrawal from .125mg Pramipexole after ST use?

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Re: Withdrawal from .125mg Pramipexole after ST use?

Postby badnights » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:02 pm

Do you have an appt set up already for when your primary gets back, and when will that be? Meanwhile, as Ann suggested, it might be worth telling your story to a partner in the practice. Is there a referral in to the sleep clinic?

See if your primary care clinic will give you the name and contact info of the sleep clinic, and call them to see where you are on the list. In my part of the world, they don't actually go in order, they "triage" the referrals, so mine (obviously poorly written) was falling farther and farther behind (it was a 2 year wait when I started, a year later it was a 2.5 year wait!) They called me at some point and asked a few questions, obviously part of their triage questionnaie, and one of them was whether I fell asleep driving. At that point I did'nt know that when you pull over because you can't stay awake, you've probably already fallen asleep. So I said no. I'm very literal. That was my mistake.

Let them know how deeply it's impacting your life, so your referral can be moved up the list. If it works that way where you are.

Also. . . I'm not sure how much torture you're willing to endure, but laying off the pramipexole completely would both worsen and shorten the whole miserable process..I would rather you withdraw with a more seroius prescription of opioid to tide you over, but you can't even begin that conversation until you get in to see someone. Sigh. I feel for you. All I Can say is, it WILL get better. It certainly will. You just hang in there and don't expect too much from yourself during this time. You are sick, and need to be gentle with yourself.
Beth - Wishing you a restful sleep tonight
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Re: Withdrawal from .125mg Pramipexole after ST use?

Postby Madmom02 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:12 pm

I have an appointment with my pcp's resident for tomorrow that's a follow up for the high blood pressure and fast heart rate caused by nortriptyline. I saw a cardiologist a month ago and my bp was back to normal and they had nothing else to say. I'm going to hijack the appointment to deal with the RLS.

Great advice about having them follow up on the Sleep Clinic referral.

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