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Re: Opioid Survey - Please participate

Postby Polar Bear » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:49 am

ViewsAskew wrote:
badnights wrote:I did it. It was hard to stay on topic. My mental faculties are sub-par these days....

I wish I had no idea of what you speak...

One morning I woke up with my phone still in my hand. Looking at it I saw I had sent a text message and had fallen asleep still holding the phone. The message went on and on, each word was specific and correctly spelled but as a piece of communicaton it made absolutely no sense. The text response to me was "much more of this and I'll be looking for a good care home" .... which was of course tongue in cheek and meant to the funny.

However, it was alarming o me that I had written this and clearly felt at the time that it was sensible and fit to 'send'. Then upon awakening I had absolutely no recollection.
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