RLS symptoms and Opioid withdrawal

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Polar Bear
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Re: RLS symptoms and Opioid withdrawal

Postby Polar Bear » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:27 pm

Yankiwi, I watch a recent television programme about this family, they live about an hour's drive from me.

We were brought up with porridge in the morning. I remember my grandfather, who in later years lived with us, would make his porridge at night ready for the morning. Often slicing it out of the pot, cold, deciding whether to have ordinary full fat milk (he called it sweet milk) or buttermilk. Deciding also whether to add sugar or salt.

And yes, many of us have supper before bedtime, it could be just tea and a biscuit, or it could be a plateful of anything which could almost equal a full meal.
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Re: RLS symptoms and Opioid withdrawal

Postby Yankiwi » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:08 pm

Kiwis call dinner (evening meal) tea. When I first moved here a notoriously cheap couple invited me to tea. (Their reputation preceded them.) I wondered if they meant a meal or just a hot drink and cookie (biscuit) or piece of cake. I was wrong on both choices, they offered a hot drink, not even a cookie. They were also creepy. Needless to say I avoided them after that.
I have porridge three times a week and mix it up the night before. I like it but consider it more like medicine than my usual cereal mix.

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