Neupro patch map

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Laura W
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Neupro patch map

Postby Laura W » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:21 pm

I have had relief for 3 years using the Neupro patch.
I learned early on that applying to my core rather than arms etc. Worked while non core application was negligible.
My body temp runs low and I think this is the explanation.
Since rotation is not to apply patch in same place for 17 days I came up with a map of my front and numbered my "spots."
I never apply lotion or moisturizer or use soaps that are the same since it prevents the patch from adhering well and that is like a nightmare of concern -- "Am I getting the medicine or not ?!?!"
I make many copies of my map so as I go from spot 1 through to spot 27 I start over.
If I knew how to attach a picture of this simple map I would, it makes the choice of where should I put my patch each night effortless.
On another but similar line -- I wear a little "blanket" taped over top of patch, about 6" square. It keeps my skin temp steady, again for the purpose of assuring transdermal effectiveness on this cold body of mine!
My blankets are made from double layers of fuzzy fleece material. I use the 3M micropore 2" medical tape so my skin will remain healthy. I also applied a border of the same tape around the edges of my blankets so they easily let go of each day's tape and don't unravel.
Again, a picture is worth a thousand words but I am no geek with a computer and don't know how to attach a picture.

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Re: Neupro patch map

Postby Rustsmith » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:46 pm

I used the patch for 15 months, until I augmented on it. My experience was a bit different in that I found that it caused irritation at most spots on my torso but not on my arms and legs. I used a modification of the manufacturer's suggested application map where I simply deleted the spots on my stomach and the small of my back and replaced them with a couple of spots on my shoulders and thighs.

I found that the days when I applied it on my upper arm provided an interesting opportunity to educate my friends. When they would see the patch they asked if it was a stop-smoking patch, which gave me a great opening to briefly explain RLS. More than once I found that my friend recognized the symptoms but had a mild form of the condition.

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