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First night ever with 0 sleep

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:28 pm
by kk46504
Sorry in advance for complaining everyone. But, I've been on Requip for a week after my recent diagnosis. I thought it was working fine until last night. I was up the entire night. I've never experienced that before and was not prepared for how I feel today. I've left my desk at work twice to cry in the bathroom. I'm not sure how I got to work without getting in a wreck.
I'm only 37! I feel like I'm too young for this horrible disease.
The thought of more doctors and more meds and more sick time off work is so incredibly stressful and exhausting. And being stressed is making this damned itching worse. I'm sitting at my desk trying to work and it's like someone keeps poking the small of my back wit a pin, but instead of pain it's an intolerable itch.
Any advice on how to cope today, and going forward would be so very appreciated. Thanks foe allowing me to whine.

Re: First night ever with 0 sleep

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:51 pm
by Polar Bear
Does movement help your symptoms?
Pre medication - When I had symptoms while at work I had to stand at my desk and kind of jiggle as I worked, I had no choice. This wasn't enough movement to completely relieve symptoms but it was somewhat better than sitting. I brought a coffee table into work and placed it on my desk. This took my keyboard or a couple of files. Of course my monitor also had to be raised up. Then if symptoms settled the coffee table fitted under my desk and I removed the books that had raised my monitor. Fortunately I was not meeting the public,

I can fully empathise with you going into work today without any sleep. My RLS started when I was about 32, I'm now 68. Many many times I went into work without having even been into bed, but mostly I existed on 3 - 4 hours of fractured sleep nightly. Working in a bit of a fog and feeling rather removed from the situation. However, I always pushed myself to be in work. As RLS for most is an ongoing condition it would have been impossible to take time off for it and still kept my job.

Do your work colleagues know that you have RLS? Would it matter if they knew of it? Then they would understand you having to go walkabout, or even just stand as you work. The number of times that I went walking with a file so that I'd look busy i.e. with purpose, must have covered miles daily.

Were you taking any medication before the Requip started last week. It could be that the Requip is not at the correct dosage for you. Or that Requip just doesn't suit. Also perhaps it was just a really really bad RLS night and that tonight might be better.

For today - move as much as you can. Stay off caffeine, fizzy drinks, alcohol and nicotine.

Re: First night ever with 0 sleep

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:08 am
by badnights
Hey there kk
How have you been?

Did you manage to get your ferritin checked? It's unusual but both Ann and I augmented in days on dopamine-type meds. It really only worked well the first night for me, and by the third or fourth day, I was getting symptoms during the day, whereas they had been only at night before. Not saying that's happening to you; I hope not.

When you were up all night, was it the itching that kept you up? Does walking around stop the itching sensation?