restless arms?

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restless arms?

Post by John »

I suffre from restless legs at night and when i do get to sleep my legs sometimes jerk me awake
However when its bad i sometimes get restless arms aswell

is this common?
Are there any other people out there who get restless arms aswell as legs

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Post by squirmy »

yes, what your describing is common and I have experienced the sensations in my arms and also have the leg jerks while asleep. I think the jerks are called Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and, from what I understand, it often goes along with RLS. Tina
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Post by Kris »

Just my left arm! My right one NEVER does it. It can hurt really bad - and driving is terribly with my left arm.

so yes! It affects both my legs, my right butt and hip, and my left forearm and wrist.

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Post by lynnie59 »

Hi John....I know my RLS is really bad when my arms start to go. I know enough to get up because there is no way I am getting back to sleep when my arms start. I have to take another 1/2 of Mirapex, walk the floors, practice muscle control if I sometimes works, most times not!

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Post by Penguinrocks »

I have it all predominantly on my right side. Right leg, hip, lower back, arm, hand and wrist....

All listed are in pain pretty much 24/7. The jumping of the legs is pretty much night time, the shaking is all the time (in my arm and hand) and then the pain will come even more.

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Post by Tired »

I have issues with my arms jerking as well. Quick background. I have been taking a form of hydrocodone for my treament because it was the only thing that has totally knocked out all my pain/jerking/sleeping issues. I was on Sinemet before the opiod, and the side effects it had on me were unacceptable. I also seem to have a problem with DA's. That said, I had to up my dose of the hydro due to worsening of my rls/plmd. I ran out once before I was able to refill and I had a few sinemet left so I decided that I would try to fill in the gap till my refill with it. It still caused my heart to race, bad agumentation, and the "point" (finally) my arms stared jerking just like my legs. My own personal treatment seems to be Hydrocodone with breaks using Ultracet for a few days. However if I go without either the hydro or the ultracet it's back to no sleep, pain and jerking.

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Post by Heronak »

Yup, another one who gets RAS...

It's rarely as bad as my legs, but when it happens it's a crappy night. It never occurs by itself either, it's always in conjunction with my legs. Often I can get rid of the arm symptoms by doing pushups until I've exhausted my muscles, a technique that used to work with my legs (leg lifts, toes raises), but doesn't much anymore. Best,


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