hormones and RLS

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hormones and RLS

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I have brought up this topic before. I really think in my case there is a direct link with change of life and RLS. I've been trying to get off my hormone patches and I noticed a significant increase in the RLS when I do So I went back on them. It was 3 years before menopause when my RLS went into severe mode. I also notice when I have too much estrogen in my body I can't sleep and it feels like I took speed before I went to bed. If I have too much progesterone, the RLS kicks in pretty bad. But generally speaking I tend to have too much estrogen. I also feel working with my reflexologist (initially I went to her for my feet) has helped the hormones to some extent and consequently the RLS, but not enough to get off the patches yet.

However, I still need to take my iron pills 3x per day and eat a high iron diet.

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Re: hormones and RLS

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Makes sense to me that it could be related since women have a much higher incidence of RLS during childbearing years - but when we are older, it evens out. Seems the main difference pre-menopause is hormones!
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