Sugar consumption and RLS

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Sugar consumption and RLS

Post by bstevens »

Has anyone ever connected the consumption of sugar with RLS? I seem to have sudden and more severe bouts when I have eaten something sweet or drank wine.

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Post by LadyFox »

Has nothing to do with it for me. I don't eat sugar or drink wine almost at all. I can't remember the last time I had a piece of candy (tho I did have glass of wine last Friday night :) )

I wouldn't be surprised if sugar did effect some people - after all severything we ingest affects us in some way. I do know that when I eat sugar I tend to start craving it, hence the reason I stay away from it!


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Post by Heronak »

Yes, sugar is a trigger for me. I avoid it in the evening, but manage to do ok if I have it during the day - for the most part. Best,


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