Has Anybody Ever Done This Before?

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Has Anybody Ever Done This Before?

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This is kinda embarrassing for me to talk about, but since I was diagnosed with rls I've been thinking a lot about things I did as a child that may have been a sign I had rls even back then. From the time I could walk until too old to want to admit, whenever I had what I called pent-up energy that I needed to unleash, I would get on my favorite sofa (actually it was a love seat) and tuck my legs under me and bump against the back cushions of the sofa over and over again. Especially at night I would do it for hours and hours until I could finally fall asleep from sheer exhaustion. I would listen to music while doing this and it would help me relax in a strange way. Even today, I will sit on pillows on my bedroom floor after everyone is asleep and listen to music to try and fall asleep while rocking back and forth. I don't know but I think I did it to get rid of the "uncontrollable jitters". I hope I'm not the only one in the world that has ever done this. I know my mother did it when she was a girl, but her mother would scream at her to stop. OK I don't talk about this part of my childhood to anyone. I feel better already!

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I have cousin that used to do that when she was little. She would sit on the couch and bounce back and forth against the back and sing at the top of her lungs. I just thought she was strange to do that until my middle daughter started doing it many years later. She was probably just 2-3 years old when she started it. Or she would hold on to the back of the front seat in the car (didn't need carseats then) and jump up and down bouncing on the seat. She did it to relieve stress or to get out the excess energy. So far she hasn't shown signs of RLS (she's 23) but my oldest daughter (26) has had a few minor episodes. Just one BIG reason I keep looking for ways to beat this thing. I really do not want my daughters to go through this hell. So, see you aren't strange at all (and neither was my little cousin). We all have to deal with this mess the best way we can. I hope you get better. Please check out all the threads on this site. There are really good suggestions and support. Keep us posted on your journey.

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