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:P Hey people !! Nice to find a bunch of people who know and understand what its all about.

I have had RLS for as long as I can remember. Growing pains, they said it was ... yeah right.

I was finally also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in December 2004, after spending heaps of money and wasted time on doctors who seemed to think it was all in my mind.

Problem is - it seems that my children (twin girls of 7) and son (9) are now also showing signs of having both syndromes.

I was diagnosed with CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) after crushing my right thumb and part of my hand in an accident.

I am currently being medicated with Trepyline (to help me achieve stage 4 sleep) and prohexal (to help with the day-time symptoms). I also take an over the counter (but very effective) medication called "Spasmed", which helps me get through the worst of the pain and discomfort. I try not to take it unless absolutely necessary - as I'm afraid it may become ineffective if my system becomes too "used to" it.

There are little or no resources here in South Africa, which provide information or support with any of the syndromes I experience. Finally, at the end of last year, I decided to put up my own website dealing with every aspect of Fibromyalgia you can imagine, from adults to children.

If any of you would like to visit - please go to www.ladyravenheart2.proboards55.com. I would be grateful to hear of any of your experiences, which could assist myself, my children or anyone in our country who need understanding and compassion.

I am also so grateful to have found you here - and look forward to posting regularly !!

Take care and "Hug 'em if you have 'em!"

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Welcome, LRH. It's great that you are advocating for others and have started your own group to help provide more resources and information.

Ann - Take what you need, leave the rest

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Thanks Ann!

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Thanks for the welcome, its good to be here.

Unfortunately I only get online on weekends, but will pop in during the week if I can.

Looking forward to being a "useful" member here at rls.org.

Sleep tight and take care,


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Would be happy to visit your website but the URL provided just takes me to the home page of the proboards.com.



Fibro fog mande me do it !!!

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People - I goofed up. I'm so sorry!! :oops: :shock: :oops:

My FMS website is at: www.ladyravenheart2.proboards55.com.

Please pop in and say hi.

If anyone is interested I also run another non-profit organisation called "The Child Support Place" for parents/single parents who are battling to secure child support. There are sections for poetry and advice and even a support board for the kiddies.

You will find it at: www.ladyravenheart.proboards32.com


Just go adsl at home - so can pop in more frequently at half the cost!!!


Love to all of you,


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