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An update on me

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Well Hello,

I had my best day since being back on RLS meds yesterday (monday). Sunday night I took neurontin 900mg, mirapex 1mg and of course xyrem 9 ml. I skpipped the oxycontin. Last night I took the same thing and I feel horrible. I don't know why. If anything I was awake more during the night on Sunday night then last night. Its frustrating to feel this way again today, since I thougt I was making progress yesterday. :roll:


I found it!!

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Sorry about coming in late but I have been very busy at work and in my spare time I have been researching Narcolepsy. I still have not gotten to read all the posts here. I have been at work 35 hours straight, I'll be going home shortly, I've been working 50 to 70 hours a week. Because of my work schedule I won't be able to get the results of the latest tests for probably a couple of weeks.

Yes I have some N symptoms, but these same symptoms could also be just fatigue. If after reading the mslt he thinks I have N then he must have seen trouble with my REM sleep. My wife is a doctor and I looked up N in one of her manuals, this info is 20 years old, but they say the sure way to tell if someone has N is that they go into REM sleep as soon as they fall asleep. This didn't happen in the first sleep test, not sure about the second one yet.

As soon as I get work straightened around and get more facts I'll post them. Thanks for all the help.

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Welcome back Frank!

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No hurry, thanks for checking back. :)

Good to have a doctor in the family! :cry:
Yes, I was curious about your REM sleep pattern.

That is the only objective thing in sleep disorders, polysomnographic measurements. 8)

I am looking into these also. Glad you are still part of this effort.
Jumpy Owl

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