Temperature and RLS

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Temperature and RLS

Postby Anonymous » Wed Jul 21, 2004 6:59 pm

I browsed over previous topics and couldn't find any discussion on this.

First, a little history: I have had RLS for a few years. I eventually started taking Mirapex and that has worked very well for me.

My RLS is probably iron deficiency / blood donation related; I stopped donating blood over a year ago, and for a while I thought I was better, so I stopped taking the Mirapex. Then, the summer and Texas temperatures rolled around, and my problems increased again. I used up the leftover Mirapex from the previous year, and that worked well. Then there was about a week long period when I was waiting for a doctor's appt to get more, and I was doing terrible.

During that period I noticed two interesting things.

1) I had been trying to get back into the gym habit for a while, and finally did go in the evening and lift. This was a leg day, and I slept well that night. It may have been exhaustion, or the leg execrcise.

2) I visited my sister in Berkeley where the evening temperatures were in the low 60s, and I slept well there. In Austin right now, it's usually in the mid 70s. The house is air conditioned, but this doesn't seem to make a lot of difference (it's still 74; I never tried setting the AC down to 65).

Does anyone else have any stories regarding temperature and RLS? My symptoms seem to go away in the cooler weather, but the only thing I found by googling was something about some people having incredible pain when the temperature is cold (like around 30). For me, it's the opposite; I sleep well at night in the winter.

In fact, looking at historical trends, before I knew I had RLS I still knew I slept better in the winter than the summer.


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Postby Heronak » Wed Jul 21, 2004 7:06 pm


I have definately found relief from RLS in the past from changing the temperature of my legs by either uncovering them at night until they get really cold, or moving to a cold bed. This worked, along with other techniques, until my RLS increased in severity.

Regarding air temp overall, I live in a cold, damp climate so generally heat is not much of a problem! Best,


PS Thanks for your comment on the weight lifting thread.

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