No urge to walk?

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I couldn't find much on that test jumpyowl.I'll tell you what my referral says from my Doc..Look at his diagnoses.PLMD was NEVER said until I told him I have it when we got into it this last visit.It came in the mail.

SERVICE/PROCEDURE REQUESTED:"Sleep Studies/Overnight Polysomnogram"

PERTINENT HISTORY: "Pt. has had "restless legs" diagnosed for many years,seen by three neurologists,re'd she have sleep study since 01,tried multiple meds without success,needs sleep study to elucidate diagnoses and guide management"

INDICATION: "sleep/wake disorder"
SPEFICIC DIAGNOSES "Periodic Leg Movements/Restless

I'm trying to get as much info to the sleep people..I'm nervous,afraid I won't sleep or do my usual thing.
I'm working on a start to finish history..The space they provided was useless..So far i've re-done it 3 times.
Finally able to sleep on average 9 hours a night!

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