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Zach wrote:I don't mean to be crass but... I can never read your posts, even though I really want to.. Could you please think about hitting the Enter key 2 or 3 times per paragraph??

It's really hard to even keep a place with what word and line I'm on when trying to read a string of sentences the size of a Borg Cube... I'm sure I'm not the only one... people just don't want to say something over something so "trivial"..

Lyndarae did a beautiful post and opened up her heart and soul, my friend, and she get's a "borg cube" comment in return? It's always better to change the only person in the world that you have control over, you, instead of wanting to change one's pet peave. Suggestion: please copy and paste her beautiful posts into a Word document and add what ever punctuation you need. You won't regret it and that "never" (your emphasis added, not mine) will change to "always."

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Lyndarae, sorry you've been struggling, but glad you found your way back here. Your dad must have been very special to you.

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This was a huge reply but... just screw it.. I've already stated my position and I'm not going through this every time someone else decides they need to bust my chops over nothing.

This is being blown way out of proportion and it needs to stop.. It's almost childish, and I don't even know why people are going down this road.

I do my best to show everyone respect, and I do not go around looking for ways to marginalize people or hurt their feelings.. But respect is a two-way street..

What about respect for our fellow posters? That's not demanding people "change".. What I asked is about having respect for your fellows posters who make sure you can understand them, so why should I or anyone else not also show respect by making sure we share our thoughts in a clean easy to read manner?

I can't believe people find this concept offensive to even ask.. I refuse to play that game.. I've apologized already and I would hope she knows by now what my feelings and intention were.. She's the only one I have to answer to in that regard.

good day.

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Post by lyndarae »

Ok, So here is my atempt to thank everyone for their posts. I will be the
first to leave this board before I start bashing people or not being
able to support my family.

I do agree with Zach(spelled your name right this time) my posts are hard to read. But out of 65261 views and 362 replies in this one thread no one
has complained.

I feel that is was the way you said it Zach, and it might not have been nothing to you, but it was something to me. I wish you would have pm me and said what you did, but its done.

I would never say anything to anyone about the way they write their posts no matter if I couldnt read it or not, because I know we have
days when we cant spell and things run together, and this is not about
how we post but what we post. You said you didnt mean to be crass
but you were, I dont understand that? And then you even go on and imply
by posting the way I have for 4 years I am not respecting our family..
another slap on the hand.

You bust my chops in front of everyone, be ready to hear others points of view, people are going here because of the way you did it and the words you chose to use.

Thankyou Hos for standing up for me and saying my post was beautiful
I woke up to that and it was very sweet of you and meant alot to me. I am not an educated person I have alot of street smarts, had to have them
and I have only had a computer for 4 years, so I really just get by on it.
And even tho I am one tough cookie I have thin skin, I even had to look
up the words crass and borg cube in the dictionary, hows that for being
human. Crass means insensitive and unrefined. Your word Zach.

So I guess the lesson here is, for me anyway is to try harder and not take
things personaly. When you are told all your life you are worthless you
tend to believe it, and then when someone points out that you are doing something wrong and have been(I went back and looked at my posts) for
a long time......well lets just say I took it to heart, on top of a bad day for me already.

I am doing good at stopping and spacing. Check it out folks!!! I am showing respect now. I have always felt safe in here from day one that people whould not judge me on my spelling, grammer, ect...........but things change and grow and I am going to have to keep up with the times
that is the best I can do~~~~~~~~~~~~Lyndarae
You cant be brave if you have only had wonderful things happen to you

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Post by becat »

Writing just as a member here, I have to agree that you did not play that one well Zach.

It would have embarrassed me and hurt my feelings, too. No one wants to hear things like that in a public manner. Maybe the PM would have been a better choice, but saying nothing could have been even better.

Lyndarae, you are a smart woman. So what you had to look up a word, that means your still open to learning. I have to do it all the time myself.

You have never given me any reason not read what you share, and have never felt any disrespect from the way you write or spell.

We are often tired, medicated or not, and it's not being graded. That would not be respectful. Your a solid member of this board and family and have so much to give to you have for 4 yrs now.

Your post are as precious as any post on here. Don't stop being you, that is who we love and share with. THE one that offers healing to us all in awesome ceremonies, all done through your prayer and strength.

Book can fill a person's head with facts and theory, and that is a great thing. Common sense is something that you have or not, and when you do, you can figure out anything. You may not have the books, but your educated by life. And I know that you have a thoughtful, questioning, and healing brain, my friend.

I love you, could care less if it's spelled right, proper grammar is use, or you use a paragraph or not.
Gold star for you though, spaces and paragraphs! :D


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Post by lyndarae »

Ok, Now you have gone and done it........I am crying now.......tears of joy!! Your words of love and kindness are heart warming and touch my soul as they always have. We go way back sister girlfriend and I know you well. I also know this is not about anything more than supporting each and everyone of us, and I thankyou for it.

All I can ask from this whole thing is to learn and grow. And that is what I am doing. And the gold star is just like being on the honor roll. It doesnt take much to make me happy. A pat on the back goes alot futher than a slap on the hand anyday for me. My chin is up and my shoulders back and I can now get on with my day. You my dear are a blessing in my life and I miss my Jan with all my heart. Words are so powerful, and take on a life of their own and once they are said can never be taken back.

I have said it before and I will say it again, All of you are my family, my only family and you are cherished to me. I grew up in this forum, my life saved by my sister Jan and Jumpy and ruby and nadia and you, we were small and close, and so many are gone now, and so many new are here that I love and respect, but I am a creature of old habbits, I dont venture out too much.

I feel bad about that. There are so many wonderful loving careing people here now and I dont let them know that enough. So I am doing it now. Speaking to all of you, Hello my rls family, thankyou all so much for speaking from your hearts and giving me hope each and everyday. I want to get to know you all better and am trying to start that now. I use to do healing ceremonies in here, but after all that has gone down dont feel it is the right place any more. For those of you who remember them know how powerful they were. It was a great honor for me to do and I still do them but not the same way.

Since my journey the other day my calling has come and it is time to heal the crow outside my window just told me so (no I am not crazy) just native american who knows the power in love and prayers. So I will do what is in my heart and do what I need to. Your prayers are welcome in the alter my email addy has changed and I dont know how to fix it (SUsan) lol it is this is not about religion its about love and faith, some of you know how it works if any of you want to know, just ask. And if this is offencive to any one dont pay attention to it.

It is my hertiage and my way of giving back to you for all you give to me. Today is a good day for healing and giving thanks, dont ya think? I am off to get the candels and set up the alter. I have alot of loved ones outside and inside of here who need paryers and I know I do

Again, Thankyou all from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Fly high,
Touch Great Spirit,

Share your medicine,
Touch me, honor me,
So that I may know you too.
You cant be brave if you have only had wonderful things happen to you

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Post by tazzer »

o never mind....not gonna reply again crap i can't help myself

sheesh zach chill we were already eating girl scout cookies and u gotta flip out...

save your spazzing for important stuff

I feel like a science project!!!

“The syndrome is so common that it should be known to every physician.”
Dr Karl Ekbom, 1945

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Post by jan3213 »


I am so sorry I missed this post. I haven't been on as much lately--I do have an excuse--I am working outside my home again. And, I have been in the hospital. However, I am really, really sorry I missed this.

I just want to say how very sorry I am that you have been having such a bad time of it. As Lynne said, this is home to anyone who wants to come and share what's on their heart, how they are dealing with RLS, and with life, in general. That's how I see it, anyway.

People are entitled to their own opinions. There's been a lot of discussion about that lately. So, here's mine...

Everyone is different--so, we all react differently to something someone has said. And, we all post differently, as well. Frankly, I always thought the important thing on this forum was the content of each post, not whether or not they are grammatically correct, spelled to perfection or typed with or without paragraphs.

I do understand that the way posts are typed might make it difficult for some to read because of one thing or another. However, when some people are upset or just want to vent, sometimes words on the page run together just as thoughts in our minds run together.

I don't know, it seems pretty simple to me. Either you take the time to read something, or you don't. I don't see the need to comment on the way someone posted something if the only thing "wrong" is the form and not the thoughts or words contained in the post. Call me sensitive (and many have--haha), but it would hurt my feelings, as well, if someone criticized a post I'd written because of the form--not the substance.

Again, this is my opinion and that's all it is.

I hope things begin to look up for you, Lyndarae.

Sending you a big hug along with all of the others.....

No one is alone who had friends.

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Post by ctravel12 »

Lynadrae you are one of the most compassionate woman that I know. You have more then welcomed alot to this board. I got to know you on the chat line and really enjoyed chatting to you.

I remember the time that you had a candle lit for everyone and that was the most wonderful thing that you could of ever done.

I am so sorry that your feelings were hurt and have to agree with Lynne that it should of never been said pm or not.

Hey you talk about looking some words up in the dictionary- hey girlfriend I do that alot and I could spell good when I was in school, but we won't go there LOL. Also about typing - thank God for the backspace. I am surprised that I have not worn the key out LOL.

It so good to see you back posting and please do not stop.

Hey why did you take your picture off of the site. It is nice to see who you are chatting with.

One more thing is that you are the most ambitious person that I know. When I read your posts about how much you have done to get an apartment ready all I can say is "whew" you are the greatest and love you girlfrend.

I have just known you in a short while and am so glad that you are part of this family and will continue to be.
Taking one day at a time

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Post by Aiken »

I have some thoughts on this, and I hope I don't rub anyone the wrong way with them. I really mean not to.

First, I do have to speak in support of the request for people to please put in a little more formatting, largely because my eyes are far from perfect, and I lose my spot really often if I don't have white space patterns to anchor them to. I do try to read everything, because I've gotten so much help here and I want to give some back. I feel bad when it's late and I just can't make it through an unformatted post from someone in deep despair. There comes a point when I just don't have it in me. Simply writing in paragraphs and putting in a period between thoughts goes a heck of a long way towards helping me when I'm struggling to focus on the screen.

On the other hand, yeah, PM's are usually a much better way to approach an individual about the idea. I've certainly made the same mistake Zach did, with good intentions, and I've (mostly) learned my lesson. Writing skills can be a really sore spot that makes people defensive and hurts their feelings if put in the public spotlight. It would be nice if I could have telepathically shared my similar results with Zach before it ever came up, but that's just being human for you. I say cut him a little slack. It's not like our community is renowned for its consistent clarity of mind and good humor, what with the lack of sleep and brain-muddling meds. Nobody's perfect. :)

I also say cut Lyndarae some slack for the same reason. Not only do we all post in less-than-perfect moods and levels of energy, but not everyone inherently knows what it is that makes a post easier to read. If you don't pick up the ideas from a teacher or a textbook, you're probably not otherwise going to absorb them telepathically. It's easy to be frustrated with someone because they don't understand something, and that lack of understanding is making it difficult for you to interact with them, but the hard part is to be patient and kind and help them understand it without putting them on the defensive. It's something I wish I were better at, because people have treated me that way from time to time and it's always helped me grow.
Disclaimer: I often talk about what I do and what works for me, but these are specific to me and you should always consult a healthcare professional before trying these things yourself, lest you endanger your health or life.

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Hi Lyndarae, just popping in to say that I updated your email addy in your profile, so that people should be able to contact you by private message. I'm off to help a friend move.

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Post by becat »

My prayers will be typed up and sent shortly my friend.

Thank you for letting us enjoy your labors.

Thank you for reminding me of the honor roll, :D , it was a feel good thing we did, no? Gotta love Jumpyowl, what a guy. Even knew how to get us moving. LOL

Hugs and prayers of protections and strength my friend.



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I don't know. I can see nothing wrong in what Zach said. I am positive he meant well. And I too think that his post in which he says: 'here's a hug from me to you' is sweet. I think we have to bear with each other a little bit more.


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Post by lyndarae »

Hello, And big thanks for everything from everyone,I was given a great opportunity to help someone very dear to me out, who is in dire need right now, it wasent much, but it snowballed and kept me busy for a few days.

Susan thankyou for fixing my email addy. Like I said I am still learning to drive this thing And I can get very frustrated at times, so I have to stop.

JAN, It was sooooo nice talking with you, sorry I had to go, but one of the owners was here, and they are finally listening to my advice about the landscapers!!!!! And I get to hire them today, but in turn I have to call and fire 4 other contracters. Every action has a reaction so I want to do this the best I can.

You sound so good and the new job seems to have really been a blessing for you.......YOU GO GIRL!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~Lyndarae
You cant be brave if you have only had wonderful things happen to you

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