RLS or Fibro?

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RLS or Fibro?

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What is the difference between rls and fibro pain? I have been hurting a lot lately.
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Darling, Emily. I am so sorry that you are struggling so terribly. You are not alone. And don't worry about not having the strength or energy to come to the site. Everyone understands. Take care of yourself. This family is a safe place that is present to offer support, not obligation or guilt. Now, to your questions - Since my whole augmentation fiasco, I have had quite a bit of achiness. Especially in my feet, legs and lower back. I can't understand why my lower back and I have also just had a sense of being physically uncomfortable. My whole body just kind of aches. Since this has directly coincided with my augmentation and attempt to get things under control, I have assumed that it is RLS. I don't know if this helps or not, but I wanted to let you know that people are with you and want to help. Some of the folks with Fibro might be able to offer some more insight.
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GM Girls,
My hugs to you both.
Fibro pain will move and often ends up around the joints, but can manifest anywhere. Point being it really moves around.
RLS pain seems to find itself in the same places, even if not the same day. I often find that a bad leg day can set off RLS in my lower back, maybe it's not holding myself right or walking differently, then again, it oculd be RLS.
In my opinion, not worth much, lol, RLS pain is a deep kinda pain. I do try many things, still, topically, but often it seems that the effects just don't go deep enough.
I also think that DAs bring on some stiffness and pain in the early am, when we get up. But, I also offer this, if your medicated and sleeping, you can still be running a marathon, climbing a mountain, walking miles while your sleeping. It is as if we are excercising all night long.
Not too fair, but it makes sense. I have PLMD as well as RLS, so I'm on the go even in bed. The pets, when hubby is out of town, still make sure to sleep away from me......gives one the idea that I'm not so still at night.
As always, if pain is an issue, make sure it's nothing more than RLS, but if it is deemed to be RLS related, then pain meds are in order. That's what I think should be standard......only wish there was a standard established.
Love hugs and the moon, with love beams... :wink:

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Dear Em,

There is a standard test for Fibro, which is for the dr to apply 4lbs of pressure to the 18 identified trigger points. If you respond to 8 or more they will diagnosis fibro.

I was diagnosed as having fibro last July/August by a Rheumatologist, though I am not all that certain how affective this identification may have been since my body was in total pain from improper medication and untreated RLS. They did trigger point identification but not quite the standard that I later read etc. And sometimes I believe that it is possible that fibro which goes hand in hand with non restorative sleep could be an issue. Like RLS they do not know and everything is theory.

One thing used to treat both conditions is Ultram/Tramadol. Especially its action inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin in the central nervous system. Since the RLS is adversely affected by SSRI's which is among the first meds they use to treat Fibro.

Tried to differentiate in the beginning what was what, it can be too confusing as most times it could fall under either one.

Here is some fibro info.... Hazey

You do not have to have all of the following to be diagnosed with fibro, yet chances are you have it if you have many of them...

__ attention deficit disorder
__ spatial disorientation
__ calculation difficulties
__ memory disturbance
__ communication difficulties (problems speaking, confusing words)

__ depression
__ anxiety and panic attacks
__ personality changes, usually for the worse
__ emotional lability (mood swings)

__ sleep disturbances
__ headaches
__ changes in visual acuity
__ numb or tingling feelings
__ burning sensations
__ light headedness
__ feeling 'spaced out'
__ desequilibrium
__ frequent unusual nightmares and disturbing dreams
__ tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
__ difficulty in moving your tongue to speak
__ severe muscle weakness
__ susceptibility to muscle, tendon, ligament injury
__ intolerance to bright lights
__ intolerance to alcohol
__ intolerance to sound
__ extreme sensitivity to medications and their side-effects
__ alteration of taste, smell, and hearing
__ insomnia
__ inability to achieve stage 4 restorative sleep
__ morning stiffness in the muscles and joints
__ restless leg syndrome
__ muscle spasms
__ muscle quakiness and shivering during/after activity or exercise
__ sleep paralysis (related to stage 4 sleep deprivation)

__ recurrent flu-like illness
__ recurrent sore throats, red and injected
__ painful lymph nodes under the arms and neck
__ muscle and joint aches with tender and trigger points - up to 18 of them
__ night sweats and fever
__ severe nasal and other allergies
__ irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
__ weight change - usually gain
__ heart palpitations
__ mitral valve prolapse
__ severe PMS
__ yeast infections
__ rashes and itching
__ uncomfortable or frequent urination
__ interstitial bladder cystitis
__ chest pains (non-cardiac)
__ temporomandibular joint dysfunction (in the jaw)
__ hair loss
__ carpal tunnel syndrome
__ cold hands and feet
__ dry eyes and mouth
__ severe and debilitating fatigue
__ widespread pain
__ other chronic illness(es) usually present (like diabetes, hypoglycemia, asthma, lupus, ms, etc.)
__ numbness in the limbs, not painful like pins & needles
__ painful swelling in the hands, legs, feet, neck
__ GERDs (gastro-esophageal reflux disorder)
__ “growing pains” start in childhood and teens, continue into adulthood
__ widespread body pain during/after physical exertion

Found at
http://www.fibrohugs.com/article.php?st ... 1122908997

What is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic pain disorder that affects the muscles and the soft fibrous tissues of the body (the ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue in between joints). The word 'fibromyalgia' comes from the Latin words for fibrous tissue (fibro), muscle (myo), and pain (algia). Unlike other chronic painful diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis), FM is a syndrome. A syndrome is a loose collection of signs and symptoms that characterize a condition. Unlike a disease, the exact cause of FM is still unknown. FM is characterized by pain and tenderness in muscles, joints, and soft tissues, especially in specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and arms and legs. Exercise or overexertion of muscles can make FM symptoms worse, as can physical inactivity. FM is very hard to diagnose. Patients often experience many signs and symptoms that vary in amount and intensity and can be easily confused with other conditions. This confusion can increase the pain and frustration often felt by a patient with FM.
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RLS and Fibro

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I'm new here - hello!!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1997, and RLS in 2003. I am getting to the point where it is affecting my quality of life terribly. I work 40 hours a week, commute 60 miles round trip daily alone, go to school full time, just turned 46. I have been to the sleep clinic twice and they said I do not get stages 4 and 5 sleep. I am definitely TIRED all the time.

Anyone else out there with these two diagnoses? (I won't be online til next week now. heading out of town.)

I'm afraid I'll have to go on disability if I can't get healthy before long. I'm also afraid of falling asleep at the wheel on my long commute. Doctors are trying - but I don't think they're putting all the puzzle pieces on the same table to try and make them fit. :(


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Dear Steelergal...

There is a wonderful support group here. Lots of good information in the New to RLS section, it is a MUST read.

Hope to get to know you better, Hazel


that is my feeling too... it is more RLS.... Hazel
Opinions presented by Discussion Board Moderators are personal in nature and do not, in any way, represent the opinion of the RLS Foundation.

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I was diagnosed with fibro over a year ago and am still trying to figure out whether the pain I have on any given day is fibro or RLS. With both, learn all you can; information is power. I thought I was pretty well versed in fibro although I'm always on the look-out for new info. So with Hazey's info I scrolled down through it, knowing most of it until I hit the one about painful lymph nodes under the arms. I've been dealing with that for the past three months and it is the pits (pun intended!) but I never realized that it could be related to the fibro. Many of us have found that fibro and RLS go hand-in-hand and it is very hard to know which is giving us the pain. So find a doctor who will treat both or doctors who will work together on these and explain EVERYTHING to them. I haven't had any fibro flares for awhile (yes, I know I am tempting fate) but the flares affect my entire body while the RLS usually hurts just my lower back and legs. But everyone is different and both could affect you another way. Stay with us as there are a few of us here with both and we like to stay connected here instead of through multiple boards. At the same time, there are some excellent websites and discussion boards for fibro out there who might be able to help you also. Check them out and come back to us with info/news you can share with us.
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