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i feel for her, i was in the hospital while i was 6 mths pregnant with a severe/septic kidney infection. stayed in the hospital for 7 days and took iv antibiotics for 10 days after that. i took about $25,000 bux worth of rocephin. hope you get well quick jan, i know you feel miserable especially after surgery.

I feel like a science project!!!

“The syndrome is so common that it should be known to every physician.”
Dr Karl Ekbom, 1945

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Thanks ya'll, you know I'll tell her everything you write for her. She was pretty upset. Can't blame her though. Not an easy task for her right now and being home just feels better, but she needs to be where she is. :cry:
Wow Dee, I hope that kiddo turns out to be some highly paid expert, LOL, making sure live in luxury in retirement> LOL I'm glad it all worked out and we have you well though, that is soemthing money cannot really buy. So you were worth every penny.
It's so hard to get your body back to a healthy state when your already being tried on something else, forget about it when your already not feeling well or surgery.
We were so careful with my husband's health last year after open heart.
CT you be careful if we don't get a chance to chat, take good care of yourself.
Hugs to all

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thanks Becat, Talked to her the other day she sounded so good was just worried about me thats Jan. Please let us know how she is doing thanks~~~~~~~~~~~Lyndarae


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Thanks from me too Becat. I will think about her with tha last grain of energy I have


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I appreciate everything you do to keep us posted on everything and everyone. You are an angel.

My Jannie. When you come home just know that everyday is a day where I have been praying for you. Sending you moon beams to keep you warm and safe. I love you and I love this family here.

May a speedy and painless recovery be yours....I truly truly do love you

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All of you I know made that girl smile tonight. I read each of your messages to her.
Update, staples all out from the first surgery as of today, that had to feel better.
And she may be home by tomorrow or more likely Thurs.. I told her not until she feels better or good enough to go home.
Huge difference in the staffing, we so lucked out on a wonderful staff at the hospital she had surgery at. Awesome People, (minus 2)....LOL
My love to you all, and the moon is howling for us all too!

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