Partial refills without a Rx

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Partial refills without a Rx

Postby Sole » Sun Sep 05, 2004 9:56 pm

I ran out of Mirapex AND Temazepam. I wasn't concerned about the Temazepam because the bottle says I have 2 refills left. So I sent hubby to refill it. Silly me. I thought 2 refills meant 2 refills. insurance is still requiring what is called a "prior authorization" from my Dr. before they'll pay for the refill!!! ARGH! Four pills is $15. So I'll use my leftover Klonopin until the prior authorization comes through.

The Mirapex is another story. I have no refills. Here is where the good to know information comes in. Most Pharmacists will give 3 days worth of a medication without a Rx. This was news to me. Very glad for it though. I don't see my Dr. till Thursday. It's gonna cost me $13 for three pills but it's worth it to get the sleep. My legs have been crazy this past couple of days without my regular dose.

Anyway, thought someone else might like to know that all hope may not be lost, when you run out of your scripts and can't get another for a couple of days.

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