Got my blood work results today.

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Got my blood work results today.

Postby Sole » Sat Sep 18, 2004 6:40 am

I got my blood work back today. I'm extremely anemic. My Ferritin level is 2.6. I was quite surprised because I was on iron therapy, right after my miscarriage, a few months back. Another strange thing is my B12 results. My doc says that they should be lower than they are, considering the very low ferritin. My B12 level is 407. The normal range being between 243-894. So I start back on the iron tomorrow and will retest in three months. Also, my thyroid was low. Which I expected as I've been on synthroid in the past.

Anyone know why she expected the b12 to be lower than it is and does it mean anything? Maybe that's why I've been feeling like crap lately? A ton of stuff on these pieces of paper that I don't understand but I think I've gotten the most important stuff. She had to make copies of the reports secretly because they're not supposed to copy them for anyone. Not even the patient, which she thinks is stupid.

Any comments? Oh, one more thing....what are some of the symptoms of anemia? Can I expect to have more enery and not have my muscles hurting so bad, once my levels come back up? So exhausted. I know I've been useless to the board lately. Homeschooling, couple with my hurting body has left me just reading for the most part. Wishing sweet dreams for all.

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Blood work/Am I Going to Have to Yell At YOU?

Postby jan3213 » Sat Sep 18, 2004 12:35 pm

Sole, It's Jan

Sorry you're anemic, honey, but at least we now know what's been wrong with you!! I was anemic as a child, but not as an adult. No wonder you are zapped all the time!!! You go like a house on fire anyway, and you have absolutely NO energy on top of it all!!!! I honestly don't know how you do what you do!! Which brings me to my second point--the one I'm going to have to YELL AT YOU ABOUT!!! In the first place, you have and always will contiue to contribute vastly to this board!!! The fact that you have been unable to post for a little while means that you didn't feel like feel like it--noting else!!!!! I don't know if the forum would be the same if I had not met you, Sole!! Ahhhhh, some might call it fate, or karma--I call it God. We were met to meet!! You take care of yourself!! Listsen to your doctor (and me, of course--Ha!) and quit beating yourself up (not that you are--that's MY department, beating MYSELF up, thought I'd better clear that one up-Ha!).

Love you much!

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