Possible RLS chat room at YAHOO - HEALTH & WELLNESS

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Possible RLS chat room at YAHOO - HEALTH & WELLNESS

Postby stitch » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:31 pm

I really don't know who to address this post to so here goes. I have been a chatter at Yahoo Chat under Health and Wellness/back rm 2.

While i have been posting here I thought to myself why not have a RLS chat room where so more people would be able to chat and learn more about RLS.

From chatting with lots of people with back problems a good many have RLS and I have given them this site and the California Site many times. Also, it's voice chat and people can hear what others have to say and like me, I talk more because my spelling is not very good. lol

It would also be a surport room for many people and I do believe would be able to reach so many more. All you need is ears/headset and mic. Don't really need a mic if you don't want to talk.

I would be lying if I say there was never any fighting, disagreeing etc in the room. I have been in the middle of a few of them myself :oops:

People do not use their own names but a nic and we try not to ask too many questions as to where they live etc. I am sure some people that have posted here have been in Yahoo rooms. Some are good and some are not, I only know about the back chat rooms and I have met some wonderful friends there. Thank you for listening or reading about this.Jeannie

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