Just when you thought it might be OK !!!

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Just when you thought it might be OK !!!

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Hi folks, not quite sure what's happening. Have been on 2 mg requip for several months. I also take simvastatin to lower cholesterol. Take magnewsum, Vit b and folic acid. I have codeine and diazepam 2mg for emergencies.

Think that a bit of requip 'rebound' may be setting in. It's all I can think it might be. Symptoms are appearing at lunchtime around 1 - 2 pm and I find myself standing whilst working at my desk. Not aware of this happening this early on my days off, only when at work.

Started taking 1mg requip around 7.30 pm and the other 1 mg at bedtime. I think it helps my evenings (sometimes) but I fall asleep now during movies etc.

However tonight, for the first time in ages I am at the computer at 2 am. :cry:
Hubby has an early start tomorrow and I want to let him get over to sleep without my tossing and turning. I Had a girly night out tonight, had 4 vodkas and chinese food together with pre-dinner snacks with dips. So I reckon perhap a mix of a little alcohol and additives with the chinese food have perhaps sent my legs/arms a little haywire.
I have hit the emergency stash - and taken 2 mg diazepam and 30 mg codeine. No work tomorrow so I can have a bit of a lie in if necessary.
I really do hate taking all these pills.

OK, back to bed, let's see if emergency stash is going to help.
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