RLS Not So Anymore...

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RLS Not So Anymore...

Post by nheimerle »

I've written before and I must say I haven't had any problems with RLS since I started sleeping with my legs bend as though I were sitting.

RLS would only bother me in the evening while I was laying in bed, I was taking Requip but felt it was making me gain weight and it gave me a scratchy throat, coughing, nausea feeling which I have not gotten rid of as yet. So I stopped taking it and decided to do the above.

Anyway, a couple of times I have felt as though it was coming back but then I would wake myself up and raise my legs to my sitting position and back to sleep I went. Maybe this method won't work for all of you but it just might help some of you if you're willing to give it a try, it sure wouldn't hurt the only problem would be that you would not be taking Requip. I'm not one to give medical advise but if you're not taking Requip or any other medicine and you have RLS you may want to try this method.

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rls not anymore

Post by ctravel12 »

Hi neihmerle I am glad that you have found comfort for your rls and thank you for sharing your story with us.

I hope that this continues and please keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Not RLS Anymore

Post by kfrancis »

The same thing works for me. My doctor did a nerve test (See the post "Make Sure Its RLS") and found out that even though the symtoms were textbook RLS in both calves it was really a pinched nerve in my S1 disk. They will fix this with no drugs and physical theapy twice a week for 6 weeks to re-align the disk. You should check this option since the same thing relieved my symptoms. I've had the symptoms for 15 years.

Good luck.

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Post by Rubyslipper »

It always amazes me the different things that work for different people. I will never make light of something that works even if it doesn't for me. The soap thing has no scientific merit but it does work for some people. RLS is tricky and can be tied to so many things. It's a good idea to check all options as you have. I'm glad this worked for you. There are so many different things that can affect RLS or even cause it; it's such a great unknown yet.
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I've slept like that for 30 years.
I get a king size pillow,fold it in half and put it between my knees to my feet cause i sleep on my side.A memory foam pillow works too. My knees are bent.

It's the perfect position for hip and back problems, i have both.

A tip i learned during my years in Physical Medicine and Rehab.

We had alot of hip and knee replacements and a older population with back issues too.

Another great way to relieve pressure is to lay on the floor with your butt up against the chair or sofa and your legs on the sofa or chair. It seperates the disc's.

AND i take Glucosomine CHondroitin triple strength as a bonus.
BUT ask your dr about all of this before you try it.
Finally able to sleep on average 9 hours a night!

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