This is ugly! My best intentions, I swear.

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Doety, you've really boiled it down for us. That was a wonderful post and full of common sense. This board HAS truly helped lots of people and I hope that will continue for a long time. It's not really a cop-out when we tell people to talk to their doctors even though it may sound like it. We're not experts, at least on anything except our own bodies. I agree that most on here know more than 90% of the doctors we see but sometimes a person's problems are just beyond what we can do except offer support and caring.

Thanks for saying what you did about the doctor prescribing the medication because that's what he wanted to do, not because of what I said. This is a disorder that usually requires drugs to be able to cope. Not everyone has resorted to meds, but most have. So it's natural that many posts talk about drugs. We need to be as educated about them as possible though so we know what the side effects are, what they will or won't interact with and how well recommended they are by the doctors. I don't think this post ever wanted us to stop talking about medications, just to use common sense when we do.

I really like your sentence..."We offer hope here, not salvation." That really sums up everything. Thanks for that.

Lyndarae, you made me cry. I've missed you! Whatever size this old heart really is, it holds you all in it. Love and hugs.
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I'm kinda getting what happened here. (finally)

I try to say this worked for me or i'm on. etc

I really don't see anything wrong with sharing what we're on.

Just my little opinon :)
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