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I don't like my doctor and he really doesn't care for me. He is suppose to be an "expert" in the RLS field, ever though he does not suffer with it. I have been seeing him for over a year now. I think he is still trying to figure out what I have. I refused a test he wanted me to have, because with my own research I found that it showed no purpose for RLS. I didn't really have the money to pay for what my crummy insurance would not. He was very angry and told me I just wanted to be uninformed. I have a extremely painful form of RLS. I have had this ALL my life. I could fill a hot water bottle by the time I was four years old, I'm forty now. How uninformed could I be after this long with it.
It's been about 10 years since I felt healthy and painfree. Although mirapex has changed my life, as I am down to a regular pain level of 3-5 daily. I do still have attacks that leave me worthless for 1-3 days. Sleeping? HA forget it, maybe 2 nights out of 10.
My hubby and GP want me to stick with this guy, but I'm not sure I should.
thanks for being here so I could vent.

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RE: Sticking with one doctor

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Dear Becat

Vent away any time!!

There's no rule that says you must stick with one doctor, particularly if you are not satisfied with the way they are treating you. A "theoretical expert" ain't always a "practical expert"!

As I mentioned in my post to Susyw (Post subject: doctor in ct?) I received some advice from a very sick friend recently who simply said: "The more doctors, the merrier."

You are the one who needs to find a more comfortable level of living, and if that means finding another specialist, by all means, do so.

I see from your profile that you are in Texas. There are a number of other discussion board members also from Texas who (if they are reading this) may be able to assist with the names of doctors in your area. Also, check the Foundations Healthcare Provider listing (click on the "Healthcare Directory" link at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts through). There may be someone on that list who's practice is near where you live.

I have been under one Neuro for a while now, but my most recent visit found my confidence in him waning. So i'm booked in to see two more neuros, one in May and one in Sept. They may have the same opinion as the first or they may come up with completely different plans of attack.

Hope this has been of some help to you. Keep us posted and feel free to vent at any time.

Take care.


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Thanks Nadia, I just can't stand this anymore. I knew the answer myself. But needed that kick in the catooter to do something about it. I'm seeing the doc in two weeks. Think I'll stock pile some meds. and the start hunting for someone I can trust. You are right I have many more choices around me and I need to get to it.
Blessing to you for listening.
Have a great day.
thanks agian.


For Becattx: Suggestions for your doctor

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I don't claim to be an expert on RLS, but I have suffered from it for quite a while. If your doctor has no other suggestions for you, here are some medications that have worked for me, each for varying lengths of time and at varying dosages. Ask him (or her) about: sinemet (timed release), clonidine, requip, mirapex, some of them in combination with neurontin, ultram (tramadol) or the other ones mentioned. Each one has worked for me for awhile and then I either acquired side effects from taking them for so long, or they ceased working. I am currently taking Requip at noon, 6 p.m. and 10 p.m, and ultram at 2 pm. The combination seems to avoid the problems of delayed RLS symptoms, itchiness, tingly , hot feet and fatigue experienced by the other ones. I am realistic and expect that in a year or perhaps less we'll need to change medication. My neurologist assures me that there are more avenues to try and more research going on that look hopeful. I wish I could put him in an envelope and mail him to you!
I am new at this website, so I just read you letter. I hope by now you have found some relief! "Live long and.......................sleep all night!"

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Thanks for the ideas

Post by becat »

Thanks Minou,
Don't be scared to throw ideas out there. We all have to help each other out here.
About the Sinemet, this drugs side effects scare me. I don't feel, for myself, that it would be the right one to take. I feel that way about ton's of medications. I relent when I have to and probably should more often. Tough when you grow up in a holistic home. I went on a drug holiday for 3 days, that seems to help tons. I was not sleeping and in pain anyway.
About my Doctor. Everyone should know......
I'm pretty blunt in my life, I try hard to apply this is a nice or pleasant way, usually do well at that. I just have a block with this guy. I would put him in his place, BUT...I know I need him, in the worst way. But we do not like one another. He thinks I'm difficult, I think he's an egotist. I did check into changing Docs. this past couple of weeks. All of my choices in this area are in his office or 100 miles away. I'm sticking with him for now out of HAVE TO!
That does not mean that I'm playing nice. I took my hubby to the last appt., after 3 1/2 weeks of NO sleep and unreal pain. It worked out twofold for me. Hubby got a better understanding that this is real and for life.(I'm 40 now, Growing pains are my first real memory) Hubby also was able to give daily details that I didn't or won't. The reaction from the Doctor was what I expected. (NO OFFENSE TO THE MEN HERE) He was by far more open, body language was different as well. Hubby was there to get tough if things continued as normal. Doctor shocked me by offering pain meds. for the first time. I have them but won't use them yet, save them for my RLS Emergency pack. He also gave me sleep meds. for 2 weeks to try and reset my body. I will keep trying to find my "RLS COCKTAIL" and probably will just have it out with this guy to clear the air. Maybe not :?
Sorry to babble.
Thanks again Minou, chat with ya anytime. Hope all is well with you.


thought his was ironic

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I wish I had more time

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I am spending large percentage of time I do not have on this discussion forum but still miss important posts like that of Becattx I can sympathize with.

I met Dr. Vliet several times (thanks to my daughter's condition), the one who wrote "Screaming to be heard". She is a physician of some fame and candidly tells her experience with doctors (male) who pooh-poohed her severe pain for years.

In one of my early posts, I suggested to take one's spouse along. It works especially when the patient is female. I also met in my long life with doctors who bordered on the sadistic! Seriously! :roll:

Becat! I admire your will power but try to control your pain with medication. Pain not only hurts but chronic pain is bad for your health. And pain medications (carefully chosen and taken) are not bad for you or automatically make you an addict. Not where you take it to lessen pain instead of making you feel good. (they do not give you a buzz when you are in pain, just relief.) :) It also depends on the personality. Yours is not that of an addict I would venture to guess.

I also have a problem with our family practitioner. He does not give me a hard time but he does not communicate with me well and I always feel that he can hardly wait until he can leave the room. I tried to be very candid with him the only reaction I got: "why do you say that? Nothing like answering a question with another question. :roll:

Well, I will meet him Monday. It will be not much use but I will try to make him comfortable. :wink:
Jumpy Owl

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Re: I don't like my doctor

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This is Jan again and once again I'm reading an old thread. I just had to respond to Jumpy's suggestion regarding people (especially women) taking spouses along to doctor's appointments. He's absolutely right. Unfortunately in today's world, a lot of men STILL think women somehow "don't get it" (we just don't have enough gray matter to understand what doctors are trying to tell us) and we need our husbands or significant others to "help" us. Anyway, my husband usually goes with me to see Dr. Black, my neuro. As I've said before, I'm very lucky. Dr. Black is an excellent doctor who is VERY sympathetic and has my ear. I think he has a passion for helping RLS patients. And, it always helps to have someone else in the room just in case you might miss something the doctor has said (even though I usually take notes). Or, I might forget to tell Dr. Black something significant that has happened since my last visit which my husband might remember. Anyway, just thought I'd put in my two cents worth. Have a good night, everyone!!!



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