It's Monday. . .anyone going to chat?

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It's Monday. . .anyone going to chat?

Postby ViewsAskew » Mon May 28, 2007 8:12 pm

In the US, it's a holiday, but not everyone celebrates and not all of our members are from the States.

Since we have several members who like to chat, I thought I'd start a post on Mondays (if I remember :roll: ) so that people know if anyone will be here and at what time (please list the time zone as central).

So, if you plan on joining the chat, please answer this post so others know if they should log in and what time.

Also, some people are still having difficulty. If anyone here has difficulty, please post in this thread about it. Hopefully other members who know how to get in and have some computer prowess may be able to help them.

Also, just a thought, but if the chat doesn't work for everyone, why not have everyone use a specific Instant Messenger? Everyone could create an RLS specific nick to use. Everyone should be able to get a Yahoo or Google Talk account - we'd just need to decide which one. Then, whenever anyone is on their computer, other members could see and ask if they wanted to chat.
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