Sad, weary, and let down

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Ann, I am so sorry to hear that it went that way for you. Hoping you find some real help soon. Tina
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Thanks, Ann, for the info in your last mails on PLMD's and narcotics. I can only add that my experience with Tramadol is that it relieves RLS, but the PLMW's go on but in a more "friendly"way.
As for Neurontin: it usually works in higher doses. So 300mg might not be enough. Well, you will find out in the next few days.


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I'm woke tonight at 4 AM after not really falling into a deeper sleep to begin with and some RLS on top of it; I think my problems started because of two things. The first was that the DH and I 'scheduled' a romantic encounter, as I have to work sex around medications and sleep times, etc. It's not very romantic to put sex on the calendar, but if we don't schedule it, it doesn't ever happen!

But we were running continually late today, so by the time we were getting to this, it was already late for my second round of meds. I couldn't take them because they are the ones that make me sleepy, too sleepy for sex! So I got to my last meds too late also, and as many people have already discusses, taking meds late ijust doesn't work well.

The other problem is that I am almost off the Klonopin. I'm down to about .10 mg each night. I will cut one more time and then stop it. But I'm used to it helping me falling asleep! I've noticed in the past few weeks that I don't sleep well when I first lay down now. So I've started taking a small amount (1/3 to 1/2) of an Ambien right before sleep. I didn't do that tonight. So between the late start on the meds and the missing Klonopin and Ambien, I just couldn't sleep!

I should probably not take any more Ambien and let my body adjust. Falling asleep was only an occasional problem for me until I started the DAs, which caused a bit of insomnia. But after past chronic sleep deprivation, I am having a hard time convicing myself to stop taking it, especially since I'm awake to see the dawn this morning. My mind recoils at the idea of have one, let alone a string, of sleepless nights when I know I can just keep taking the Ambien and I'll doze right off!!! On the other hand, my logical brain realizes it's not good to take drugs I don't need. I might 'need' them now as I am dependent on them, but my natural sleep mechanism would probably start functioning again on its own. If after a few weeks was sill having difficulty, I could always try something.

Not sure which part of my brain will win. . .



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Great idea, Ann, and very creative to use your agenda or set the alarmclock or whatever for a romantic encounter with your partner. We have to work around RLS and meds with so many things; when to go shopping, at what time to go to the hairdresser, the dentist etc. So why not with this issue? Great! It shows that you are flexible person, trying to find solutions for problems arising from this condition.


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