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I just want everyone to know how blessed I am to have you all in my life, I really dont know what or who I would talk to without you(my family)you pump me up when I am feeling down and make me belive in myself. I know there is alot of suffering going on in here we all do from time to time some worse than others. But this is such a remarkable place to come and be a part of, I just cant put into words how much you all mean to me. You make me laugh and cry and smile and dream and keep on keeping on. For that I am grateful and so blessed. Thank you for trusting me and loving me and holding my hand through the dark times. I really cant say enough about this board and all of the loving souls that live here. You make my heart swell with love and pride to be a part of this beautiful family that we have created. Yeah, this is love alright in the truest form to love someone that you have never met like we all do is a gift that some people will never feel or know about how very blessed we all are to have each other how very lucky we are indeed~~~~~~~~Lyndarae
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very well said lynda! i 2nd that!

I feel like a science project!!!

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Back at ya, L.

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Aww, Lyn

I feel the same way. It's funny, but if I didn't have RLS, I never would have met such great friends--like you! Guess we can find blessings in the worst of circumstances.

Love ya
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Hear,, Hear,,,,
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I totaly agree, the love , support and friendship is beyond words

love moonlight x :P
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Couldn't agree more. You'd do the same for us and have.

It's a special thing to belong to something, now, this big and still find the safe harbor we all need.

Love ya too Babe!

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Oh Lyndarae you could of not said it better. This is such a wonderful "family" love each and everyone of you. When you hurt, I hurt too and when you are happy I am too.
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